3510 Integrated Amplifier

Exposure HiFi

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Exposure HiFi 3510 110 Watt Integrated Amplifier

Simplicity in Design, With Performance Where It Counts

Our Take

This amp, at this price, should simply not sound this good. Relaxed, musical, full and rich sounding. We were quite shocked plugging this in to our system, it drove the Harbeth C7ES 3 XD's with ease, and really opened up with the higher efficiency Aurai Z212's we have in the Studio. It was just so darn musical. No wonder many compare this to the Sugden class A integrated. The Exposure 3510 is an absolute bargain!

Exposure 3510 integrated

Featuring trickle-down technology from the top-of-range 5010 series, the Exposure 3510 integrated delivers 110 Class AB watts per channel into 8 ohms. It has six inputs, a AV input with fixed or variable gain, and one can add an optional DAC or phonostage board.

Outputs include bi-wiring compatible speaker outputs, a separate preamplifier output for bi-amping or for use with a separate power amplifier and a headphone output.



  • 110W RMS per channel into 8 Ohms
  • Six line inputs
  • Option to fit a MC or MM phono module OR plug in DAC option
  • Bi-wiring compatible
  • Separate pre-amp output
  • High quality capacitors used in the signal path
  • Uniquely tuned short signal and power supply path PCB
  • Cascode circuitry utilised for improved power supply immunity
  • Fast bipolar transistor output stage for dynamic and vivid performance
  • All aluminium casework and extruded front panel to control resonance and stray electromagnetic fields
  • Remote control
  • Three year guarantee
  • Available in black or titanium



  • Pre-Amplifier Output : 1.9V for rated input (gain +18dB full volume)
  • Maximum Output : 7.7V RMS @ 1kHz
  • Frequency Response : 20Hz - 20kHz ± 0.5dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion : <0.03% at rated output, ref. 1kHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio : >100dB, ref. rated output
  • Channel Separation : >60dB, 20Hz - 20kHz


  • Output Impedance : <12 Ohms at 1kHz
  • Maximum Level into 33 Ohms at 1kHz & 0.05% THD : 4.8V RMS, (700mW)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion at 2V Output 1kHz : <0.02%, (120mW)
  • Maximum Level into 330 Ohms at 1kHz & 0.02% THD : 7V RMS (150mW)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion at 2V Output 1kHz : <0.015%, (12mW)

Inputs (Line)

  • Input Impedance : 17K Ohms minimum (line input)
  • Input Sensitivity : 250mV


  • Mains Supply : 110/120V or 220/240V, 50/60Hz (factory set)
  • Fuse : T8AL for 110/120V units
  • Power Consumption : <400W, 8 Ohms load, both channels driven
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) :4.5"x 17.32"x11.8"
  • Net Weight :26.5 lbs