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Dark Matter Technologies Magic Maker

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Product Description

Dark Matter Technologies Magic Maker

Active, wall mounted resonator for Dark Matter Technologies Wallflowers and Qubes

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Active Version Offers Greater In-Room Performance & Is A Vital Part of The Premium Room Treatment System

Sonic Tonic is now Dark Matter Technologies

Just to preempt any confusion, we have discovered that Sonic Tonic has many more uses than audio. It works on video, computers, and automobiles. The name Sonic Tonic was just too one dimensional for what this product actually does to enhance performance of many types of electronics. So we came up with a broader based brand name so the products would not be pigeon holed as an "audio only" tweak. 

The active version of Tweek Geek's Dark Matter Technology (AKA Magic Maker) is meant to work as part of a complete premium room conditioning system. Use in combination with DMT Qubes, and the new DMT Wallflowers to create a rich, dense, engaging and enveloping soundfield. 

How To Use

The Magic Makers act as "radiators" broadcasting their effect into the room. DMT Qubes or Wallflowers are placed about the room to reinforce this effect and project an even field around the boundaries of the listening area. Of course you need electrical outlets somewhat near the placement location (we offer cord lengths up to 15 feet). If you do not have available outlets, the SST II Wallflowers can act as a substitute, but you will need more of them to make up for the power of the  Magic Makers .

DMT magic maker
Profiles of the DMT Magic Maker (left) with the DMT Wallflower.

Active Is The Most Powerful

The Active Magic Makers are about 5x more powerful than the passive DMT Wallflower. The magic Makers are the same diameter as the Wallflower, however they are thicker in order to accommodate the circuit that activates them.

As A Room Treatment

We recommend the below placement with 4 DMT Magic Makers. Side wall placement will determine the soundstaging attributes. Below are two examples of placement and descriptions of their effects.

Placement 1: Towards the Front Wall/Speakers

This placement creates a sonic "window" into the performance, with acoustic cues such as hall ambience occuring behind the listener when appropriate. Soundstage width and depth are more enhanced in this setup.


Placement 2: Towards the Listening Position/Rear Wall

This configuration brings the image further out into the room, creating a more immersive experience. This is our favorite placement in a medium sized room (20' x 20'). The effect is more of a "you are there" inside the performance.


Height of placement matters

Our latest listening tests indicate placement at or just above ear level is best. Higher placement offers up a more diffuse image, slightly lower placement enhances warmth and perceived image focus

Enhancing the Magic Makers

Level 1: DMT Qubes

The DMT Qubes are exponentially more powerful than the Dots, which makes them perfect for placing in one's listening environment discreetly, amplifying the performance of the Magic Makers throughout the room..

Level 2: DMT Wallflowers

The Wallflowers were essentially made to go with the Magic makers, visually and sonically. This was their primary intention, and they offer results beyond the Dots and Qubes. 

Height of placement matters

We recommend placing the DMT Magic Makers at or near ear level.

What you will hear

More liquidity. Dense, rich and dynamic images in a soundstage that not only expands beyond the width of the speakers, but beyond the boundaries of the room itself. Vocals and guitars are simply glorious with rich presence, texture and dynamic jump factor. Bass, depth, dynamics and tunefulness are greatly improved as well.


  • DMT Magic Maker: 2 inches in diameter x 1.4 inches high


Product Reviews

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  1. A Necessary Part of a Listening Experience 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jun 2018

    I have long read and re-read Mikes blog spot (Tweek Geek Speek), and over and over again he would reference what a big deal taming the room, or the room acoustics, etc. is/was. I now understand what he is saying. The experience is to listen to music, not components. As I know, music propagates through space (air) and the DMT Magic Makers are the component for that space. I dont have a high end system or an audiophile ear, but the effects are obvious. Cleaner, tighter bass; more information being portrayed and the system sounded bigger. If a prospective buyer is curious it is my opinion that these need to be added to a system and is as necessary as speakers, amps, etc., as again the electronics treat the signal via electricity; the DMT Magic Makers do via how it propagate through the air. The before and after difference is akin to listening to music below water and then above, or with a pillow wrapped around ones head and then removing it.

  2. Unbelievably effective 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jun 2018

    This review applies to all three of the new DMT products: the Magic Maker, the Wallflower and the Dots. They are one of those rare tweeks that imparts no sound of its own but simply makes a truly dramatic improvement in every possible area you’d care to mention: timbre, timing, imaging, soundstage, dynamics, etc. The effect increases when you start adding the passive components like the Wallflowers and Dots to the active Magic Makers; the room really does start to disappear and images become very palpable with a heightened sense of engagement with the performance. And put the Dots on the ends of all your power cords and interconnects if you want another pleasant surprise! Please note that these products take 24 hours in my experience to reach full effect. All three products represent a tremendous bargain, in my opinion. (Warning: these are extremely addictive!!)

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