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Kick Ass Power Cord Featuring Furutech DPS 4.1 Wire

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The Kick Ass Power Cord

Featuring Furutech DPS 4.1 Wire & ETI Research Legato Terminations

Kick Ass Power Cord

Our Take

After living with the Furutech FP-S032n, FP-S022n, and FP-S55n we feel eminently qualified to  tell you about the DPS-4.1. It flat-out rocks. Smoothness, Check. Balance, Check. Organic resolution, check check. Dynamic snap, Holy shit CHECK!!! This cable is head and shoulders above the other Furutech cables. The price would indicate as much, and you indeed get what you pay for. 

With the ETI-Research rhodium Legato AC connectors, the soundstage is wide and yet image focus remains very strong without detracting from any of the strengths of the Furutech wire whatsoever. We feel the Legato rhodium is a superb match for the DPS 4.1 wire and offers tremendous value.


Furutech’s Ultimate-Quality, top-Shelf bulk power cable,  the (Alpha) OCC-DUCC is one of a select few of conductors that Furutech engineers have found to truly excel in sound reproduction. (Alpha) OCC –DUCC is constructed using a combination of DUCC Ultra Crystallized High Purity Copper and Furutech’s world famous Pure Transmission (Alpha) OCC.

Furutech's DUCC Ultra Crystallized High Purity Copper is supplied and regulated with strict quality control by Mitsubishi Materials Industries. It is one of the best conductors Furutech engineers have found for signal transmission (MMI is the leading manufacturer of the highest-purity oxygen-free copper in the world).

ETI Legato AC Terminations

We love the ETI-Research Legato power cord plug and iec connector. The value factor is absolutely huge, and it gives the Furutech NCF series AC terminations a serious run for the money. With the Legato Rhodium terminations, the Furutech cable offers a slightly wider soundstage without losing a significant amount of focus. We prefer this sound to the narrower, but more focused presentation of the NCF connectors. But, we still leave the NCF as an option for those whose components may fair better with the NCF.


Buy With Confidence

In Home Auditions: We do have a 1.5m length in-home audition unit that you may borrow if you live in the continental US.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: We stand behind what we sell. If you are not satisfied with the performance of this product, simply return it with the original packaging within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price.