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MG Audio Planus CU2

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MG Audio Planus CU2

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A Little Bit About MG Audio

MG Audio started as a Colorado company run by an engineer and a musician. They design cables based on principles of physics, but the ultimate judge of quality is listening. Their designs are focused on minimizing capacitive, inductive and skin effects that inevitably color the sound of all wires. The minimization of these factors is especially critical with low-level signals where loss of high frequency information and phase response is magnified. MG Audio designs cables based on physics and good engineering practice, not voodoo. The result of this design is that you can hear more clearly into the musical performance, catch details you have never heard before, and better capture the emotional expression of the artist.

The Planus CU2 comes close to the performance of Planus AG, while retaining the organic qualities to the music that copper provides. 

The Planus CU2 uses a unique geometry to achieve better retrieval of low-level information and a more palpable soundstage presentation compared to the original Planus CU. CU2 achieves about 95% of the low-level detail retrieval and soundstage palpability of Planus AG, but allows the warmth/organic qualities of music to better come through. In comparing CU2 to AG, you will note two major differences. The leading edge on CU2 is not quite as pronounced as it is with AG. Also, on good live recordings such as Jazz At The Pawnshop, CU2 does not quite capture the ambience of the performance venue quite as well as AG. The differences between AG and CU2, however, are subtle and allow the listener to “tune” a system that might otherwise be too forward or aggressive if AG were used .

Planus CU2 can be purchased in either single-ended or balanced configurations. Our standard lengths are 1 meter and 1.5 meters. CU2 is not shielded (like the rest of our wires), so 1.5 meters will be the longest single ended interconnect that MG Audio will build.

Care of Planus Wires

The Planus line of products is a completely different design than most speaker wires and interconnects. Because we use thin foils and films in their construction, they are somewhat delicate and will not withstand the abuse that more classically constructed cables can be subjected to. The wires should be handled by the terminated ends whenever possible. DO NOT pull on the wires themselves when disconnecting as this could damage the terminations and make the wires inoperable.

Although Planus wires are flat, they should not be run under equipment, carpets, or other objects. The insulation, while tough, is not designed to support foot traffic and will cut or tear if run across a sharp edge. Further, Planus interconnects are intentionally unshielded and should be kept away from sources of electrical noise, such as switching power supplies, radio transmitters, and similar devices. If you experience radio frequency interference (RFI) with Planus interconnect, please contact us. We can install RFI suppression devices on your cables. Finally, while the foils used in the construction of Planus wires is very flexible, continuous or frequent flexing of the wire should be avoided as it could lead to degraded sound and wire failure.

Try it!

We challenge you to find a better interconnect at this price point. We make it easy for you to audition the Planus AG2 with our in-home audition program. Call us today at 303-653-6341 to schedule your audition of the Planus AG2. You can borrow it over the course of a weekend plus a few days. If that's not long enough, take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee. You can't lose, you can only gain the benefit of better sound.

System Maintenance

We strongly suggest a periodic cleaning of the terminations and terminals in audio systems. This includes the terminations associated with Planus wires. We prefer to use CAIG Laboratories DeoxIT® products, but any quality contact cleaner/preservative will work. The rhodium spades do not need any significant maintenance, just wipe with a diluted alcohol occasionally.


The Planus wire family is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year. This warranty does not cover abuse of the wire. As a practical matter, we have wire that has been in use for over 20 years with no degradation of performance.

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