Acoustic Manufacture of Poland

Furniture Quality Acoustic treatments

It's funny, we as audiophiles will spend tens of thousands on our components and cables, and totally neglect the room we put our audio systems in. The room one places their system in accounts for 33% of the resulting sound of your system. Why would you not spend accordingly to get the most out of your investment in audio?

 I do get it though. Most acoustic treatments are not very high quality construction for the price they are commanding, and frankly they don't look great as a result. I set out on a quest to find acoustic treatments that were well made, would look good in a finely furnished room, and perform exceptionally as well. My search led me to Poland and Acoustic Manufacture. Their diffusers are the best quality materials and aesthetics I have found anywhere. They are constructed using mathematics, and are available in a variety of colors. We can only offer them in minimum quantities of 8 sense due to the expense of shipping from Poland.