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Acoustic Revive RPC-1

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Acoustic Revive RPC-1

Power Supply Conditioner

"The effect of the RPC-1 was considerable, with an immediately noticeable improvement in tone & naturalness, a marked improvement in ‘presence’ of the instruments, and with transparency & the sense of space opening way up."


The RPC-1 has been jointly developed by a HWT and Acoustic Revive partnership. It is based upon the original idea of the late Mr Shibata (who invented the infrared mouse). This ground-breaking power supply conditioner reduces the super high frequency noise in the power supply path. This results in a sound which has improved dynamics and energy with an improved signal to noise ratio.

A unique circuit design with a combination of special coils makes it possible to remove only the high frequency noise from the supply path.

No Energy Loss

As the RPC-1 uses no capacitors and resistors, there is no energy loss at all. This gives the RPC-1 the unique ability to make such improvements in signal to noise ratio and transparency but, without acting as a filter which often reduces dynamics and energy.

Superior Materials and Construction

A hickory wooden case and PC Triple C, Silk-Teflon coated conductor are employed. Both of these elements are well known for their sonic qualities. The power plug, shield and buffer materials are also of high quality. Various materials contribute to the overall improvement in tone and natural presentation of the music.

Just plug it in

Using the RPC-1 is easy – For best results, simply plug the RPC-1 into a vacant outlet within the same circuit as your audio system. The effect is dramatic. Because the RPC-1 has an effect on all power supply routes in the home, it can even be plugged into a socket in an adjacent room and still have a significant effect.

Enhances Power Conditioners

If you are already using a power conditioner or regenerator, plug the RPC-1 into one of the vacant outlets on it. This will also bring a huge improvement. This is because the power conditioner / generator itself creates a lot of high frequency noise which has a negative effect on sound quality.