Field Based Power Conditioning


What is ADD-Powr Technology?

Add-Powr technology is completely different from other power conditioners. All of their products utilize algorithm generated em fields to transmit energy that re-references or re-biases the AC delivered to your audio components. The method of transmission differs between products in that as you move up the product line, the algorithms differ slightly and the power of fields generated increases with the addition of more coils. Essentially these algorithm generated fields obliterated noise that is within audio components and on your home's AC grid.

ADD-Powr History

It all started in 1999, when inventor Bill Stierhout came to market with 2 products. The Quantum Symphony and Symphony Pro. They had a successful product run, and the technology made its way into other products from Walker Audio (the Velocitor) and Combak corporation.
In 2008, Nordost purchased Bill's QRT technology and made their own very successful line of products. These products are still sold by Nordost today.
Flash forward to 2019. Bill has advanced his technology greatly, and this time decided to keep the technology to himself. Marketing products under the name ADD-Powr.

ADD-Powr Benefits

One of the greatest benefits of ADD-Powr's EM field based approach is that it doesn't need to be physically inserted to the local AC grid between wall socket and audio component. ADD-Powr technology leaves impedance and peak current capability of your audio components unaffected. Thus one of the biggest compromises of conventional power conditioning, current limitation, is eliminated.