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ADD-Powr Electraclear

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ADD-Powr Electraclear

Audio Power Conditioning

All Add-Powr products use algorithm generated fields to transmit the energy that re-references AC delivered to your audio components. The method of transmission differs between products in that as you move up the product line, the algorithms differ slightly and the power of fields generated increases with the addition of more transformers.

This is NOT a shunt filter. 

The Electraclear will neutralize noise on standard 110 VAC / 60 HZ wall outlet. It's NEMA plug-in ecnlosure looks familiar as most switching power supplied take on this format. 

Using the Electraclear

Simply plug in to an electrical outlet and it will go to work eliminating noise. If using only one, place it in the outlet adjacent to where your power strip, power conditioner, or component is plugged in for best results. If using multiples, the effect is additive and they can be spread around the listening room.

Add-Powr Electraclear

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

All Add-Powr products are backed by our 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

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    Posted by Philip W on 10th Mar 2020

    I have been dealing with grainy splashy highs,fatiguing playback for 2 years trying all sorts of conditioning for my equipment,regeneration,isolation transformers,promises of AC noise cancellation from multiple manufacturers,till one day I read about add-power and there philosophy on AC current and figured what do I have to loose I have tried everything else,well I have to say this product cured my Audio discomfort with playback smooth musicality and perfect tonality and perfect highs,