ADD-Powr Sorcer Apprentice


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ADD-Powr Sorcer Apprentice

Field Based Power Conditioning

From the entry point at the circuit breaker, the ADD-Powr Apprentice modifies the AC line's quality. It does not use balanced power methods, isolation transformers, filters, or line regenerators. Alternatively, it uses a specialized digital amplifier circuitry managed by a microprocessor (algorithm). Low frequency harmonics "re-reference" the pulsed AC line, lowering the noise floor and improving the harmonic integrity of the signal in analog or digital audio and video systems. 


  • AC Harmonic Resonator / EMF
  • Completely parallel
  • Proprietary harmonic pulse resonance technology
  • Four AC line transformers
  • EMI Line Filter
  • Furutech style gold plated AC IEC inlet
  • Furutech style gold plated AC duplex receptacle
  • Resonator activity LED indicator
  • Black anodized aluminum chassis
  • Graphene connections
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 17.0” x 11.875” x 4.5
  • Electrical: 110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz Load < 10 watts
  • External Connections: None
  • Rack mount 2 ru (optional)

In-Home Auditions Are Available

We do have a Sorcer Apprentice available for in-home auditions. Contact us for details.