ADD-Powr Sorcer x2


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ADD-Powr Sorcer x2

Field Based Parallel Power Conditioning

Pro Tweek: 

Replacing the stock fuse on the Sorcer with a QSA 5x20mm slow blow 500 milliAmp fuse takes the performance of the Sorcer to stratospheric levels. You have not heard your Sorcer like this. We guarantee it! Read more about this on our blog.

Adding a QSA fuse to your Sorcer ups the performance exponentially. 


sorcer x2

Sound and Video Like You've Never Heard or Seen Before. ADD-Powr technology is Algorithm Digital Defined electrical energy and power. 

ADD Powr's Sorcer x4 emits an algorithmically generated field to obliterate noise riding on AC lines. Your components do not need to be plugged in to it to get the benefits of this noise reducing technology. In fact, you couldn't plug a component into the Sourcer x4 if you wanted to, there are no AC receptacles!


The Sorcer x4 changes the quality of the AC line, using the emitted field to re-reference or bias the AC. There are no filters, isolation transformers, AC line regeneration, nor balanced power techniques. The Sorcer x4's unconventional approach to power conditioning leaves AC impedance and current capability untouched. That bear's repeating...

The Sorcer x4's unconventional approach to power conditioning leaves AC impedance and current capability untouched. 

  1. The Sorcer generates low frequency electromagnetic fields to affect harmonic energy change to audio signals and systems.
  2. The products condition AC line voltage through a low frequency pulsing action to effect an increase of the energy delivered to the power supplies of system components by .8 - 2.5 dB or more. This corresponds to a 10 - 25% increase of voltage peaks!

Both the Sorcer x2 and x4 employ line transformers connected in series and incorporate proprietary digital amplifier circuitry under algorithm control. The AC line is "re-referenced" or re-clocked with low frequency harmonics that neutralize noise. The Sorcer x2 uses three transformers to assist in field generation propagation, and the Sorcer x4 uses five transformers. 

Recommended Use

The Sorcer X2 is for small to medium sized rooms. Generally rooms up to 250 square feet. Plug the Sorcer into an unfiltered wall receptacle and place it in the listening room. For stronger effects, place near your audio components. To lessen the effect, move it further away.

What you can expect

We said it best in our Tweek Geek Speek review of the Sorcer:

"Clarity, macro and microdynamics are, well, more dynamic. Imaging is precise, soundstaging is larger, and leading edge transients are sharper. All of the musical frequencies become cleaner, clearer AND more musical. There seem to be no tradeoffs with the Sorcer. Some power condioners allow one's system to offer up a huge soundstage at the expense of dynamics or image placement. Some reveal more detail but are edgy or fatiguing ( a sign of teflon capacitors). The Sorcer does no harm, it removes noise, and leaves dynamics, imaging, and soundstaging alone while creating a beautiful, musical soundscape to immerse yourself in."


  • Dimensions: 17.75" x 12.5" x 6
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Voltage: 120 or 220



Q: My country runs 220 volts standard. Can I use an ADD-Powr Sorcer X4 here?

A: Yes, the Sorcer X2 can be ordered in a 220V version


Q: Do power cords influence the Sorcer X2?

A: Yes they seem to. Whatever filtering or tonal characteristics the power cord powering the X2 has, they seem to pass through to the effect the X2 has on the overall sonic presentation of your system.


Q: What if I plug the Sorcer X2 into a different circuit than the one that my system is plugged in to?

A: It should work fine, as a dedicated line will have slightly lower noise sometimes, in general it will still have a similar noise signature to the other lines in your home. What you want to avoid is plugging the unit into a power conditioner, that will greatly reduce it's effectiveness.