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ADD-Powr Wizard

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ADD-Powr Wizard

Field Based Audio Power Conditioner

add-powr wizard

ADD= Algorithm Digital Defined Power

What does that mean? The ADD-Powr Wizard uses a microprocessor to generate a field. The properties of this field are such that the energy emitted re-references the AC feeding and inside of all electronics within the radius of the generated field. There is no need to plug components in to the Wizard for them to receive this benefit. In fact, you can't plug them in to the Wizard because there are no AC receptacles. It is a parallel EM field based approach to treating AC not only before power reaches the component, but inside components themselves.

Because it is an EM field based technology, both the placement and energy of the field will affect performance. This technology also benefits both reinforcement and spaced arrays to distribute its impact throughout the listening environment. Meaning you can use more than one in your room and system to evenly distribute the effects of the generated field.

The Wizard will work with any existing power conditioning in place. For best performance however, plug the Wizard directly into the wall, not any power conditioners. 


The ADD-Powr Utilizes a toroid transformer interface to the AC line. Incorporates proprietary digital amplifier circuitry under algorithm control. The AC line is "re-referenced" or re-clocked with low frequency harmonics to neutralize noise.

Add-powr Wizard 2

The Wizard is a little different than the X2 or X4 in that the generated field is more localized to the component rack or listening area, depending on placement. The effect is different as well. Emphasis is more on smoothness and finesse, rather than dynamic punch.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

All Add-Powr products are backed by our 30-day Money Back Guarantee.