Adept Response AR2p-OX


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Adept Response aR2p-OX

Audiophile Power Conditioner


"..With the opening chord my jaw dropped to the ground (figuratively). The sound stage was slightly wider and the sides rather than curving into the center forming a semi circle went straight back many feet before they started to curve in. The music was arising from a black background. I was hearing subtle sounds that I had never heard before. The music was smoother and more natural sounding. Wow. Things can't get any better than this can they? "Positive Feedback Online Review of the aR2P-TOS



We love the aR2P's clever "wall wart" design. It plugs straight into your wall outlet, eliminating the need for a power cord, and has a bottom mounted AC receptacle. The clever wall mount style doesn't take up floor or rack space either. It just sits neatly against the wall.

The OX sits in the middle of the Adept Response line, and as a result offers quite a value. It incorporates the premium S filter from Audience, as well as AU24 SX OCC internal wiring. The filtering capacitors are Auricap XO+ Polypropylene Film Capacitors, rhodium plated copper wall plug and Hidden Treasure wall outlets. 

Premium Quality Construction

The aR2p-OX is designed like the renowned twelve outlet Adept Response, aR12-T3. It is hand built without the use of circuit boards or clip on connections. It is built only with premium quality high current components like Audiences very own Auricap XO+ Polypropylene Film Capacitors.

Flexible Use

The aR2p-OX power conditioner is versatile. It can be used for single component applications like mono block amplifiers, receivers, video projectors and video displays. And for protecting an entire system, a simple high quality multi outlet power distribution system like Audience's V8 Power Distributor plugged into the aR2p-OX can provide power conditioning for all of your components

Direct AC Coupling

The aR2p-OX plugs directly into a power outlet, meaning there is no need to invest in additional expensive power cords.

Surge Protection

The aR2p-OX provides surge suppression up to 20,000 amps. Surge suppression devices like the ubiquitous MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) are sacrificial devices which wear out over time, the aR2p T3 surge suppression does not deteriorate. MOV devices also have been found to introduce grunge to audio and video signal. The surge suppression in the aR2p-OX is entirely silent.

Wideband Filtration

The aR2p-OX employs wide bandwidth RF filtration. By reducing power line noise interference the adept Response provides a lower noise floor and blacker background, resulting in a higher resolution audio/video presentation.

Non-Current Limiting

Since power must respond quickly and completely to the demands of program material, it is imperative that power conditioning components present the lowest possible impedance power path while providing wide bandwidth noise reduction. Conventional power conditioners simply cannot approach the bandwidth/impedance characteristics of the Adept Response while still offering effective noise filtration and high voltage surge protection.

Comparison of aR2P models

  aR2p aR2p-OX aR2p-T3 aR2p-T4
Auricap XO+ Polypropylene Film Capacitors ✓     
Aura-TR Teflon Capacitors    
Standard Filter    
OFC Internal Power Wiring    ✓  
Au24 SX OCC Internal Power Wiring    
Hospital Grade Hubbell Outlets    
Hidden Treasure Premium Duplex Outlets    
Proprietary Rhodium Plated Copper Wall Plug  
Wattgate Rhodium Plated Copper Wall Plug      
Magnetic Circuit Breaker
Each Outlet Fully Filtered
Cryogenic Treatment
Ultra High Voltage Process