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Aqua Acoustic Quality

Aqua HifiAqua Acoustic Quality

Discreet R2R Ladder DACs

Better known perhaps as Aqua Hifi, the Italian designer of highly regarded audiophile DACs has earned the highest awards from reviewers and the loyalty of audiophiles with their line up of high end audio DACs and transport. Their DACs use no filters, incorporating what Aqua calls Direct to Digital conversion with discreet Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGS) to resistor ladders (R2R) for conversion of the digital signal to analog. What does all of this mean? It means that Aqua has more control over the sonic characteristics of the DAC. Rather than incorporating a DAC Chip (or chips) and allowing all of the conversion to be done by integrated circuits, they chose the path of taking the signal directly and making a converter out of discreet components. Much like what companies like Burson Audio and Sparkos Labs accomplish in making discreet op amps. More control, better sound through discreet components over off the shelf opamp chips.

Aqua Hifi's House Sound

When one listens to an Aqua Formula, La Scala Mk III La Voce S3, one almost has a feeling along with the hearing. Relaxed musicality is what I would call it. There is a wholeness and a flow to the music that many listeners will find very enjoyable. The Aqua Hifi DACs are very different when listened to side by side with a typical sigma delta style DAC.