Audience Au24 SE USB Cable - Standard

Replaced By frontRow USB

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Audience Au24 SE USB Cable


The AU24SE USB Has Been Replaced By The Audience frontRow USB Cable


"The Au24 SE Breaks new ground in USB Cable performance" - Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound (PDF)

Separated conductors for signal and power

The new Audience Au24 SE USB is engineered for ultimate timing conveyance of digital signals and highly effective shielding against EMI and RFI. It employs a “dual-cable” construction, with separated conductors for the data (signal) path and for the power path, a configuration that ensures the best-possible signal integrity and isolation.

The data side of the Au24 SE USB features shielded silver over OCC copper conductors with Teflon insulation. The power side is also shielded and made from OCC copper wire with polypropylene insulation. The USB connector contacts are gold-plated copper.

The Standard Version

The standard AU24 SE USB cable is what most audiophiles will need. It posseses a single USB-A male connector at the source.