Audience Au24 SE Phono Cables


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Audience Au24 SE Phono Cable

The new AU24 SE interconnects have an ultra low-mass RCA connector with improved tellurium copper metallurgy. 

"All of the Audience's sterling qualities were evident right from the outset. The Audience is an extremely quiet and neutral cable. Its shiplash speed and transparency can become addictive, but it iwll not appeal to those searching for a cable that supplies additional percieved warmth or body. Instead, it exudes a quiet authority that makes it a very promising candidate for anyone searching for a first-rate phono cable." - The Absolute Sound

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Moving Magnet and Moving Coil Versions Available

To retain as much of the signal as possible, Audience offers three versions of the cable. A "Low Z" version for moving-coil cartridges with an impedance of 30 ohms or less, and a "High Z" version for moving-coil cartridges exceeding 30 ohms. They also sell another version for moving-magnet cartridges.

The Au24 SE RCA phono cables represent a significant step forward in performance. The SE are made with ultra low mass, high purity and cryo treated tellurium copper connectors allowing for the passage of much more low level information.