Audience Au24 SX Bi-Wire Speaker Cables


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Audience AU24 SX Bi-Wire Speaker Cables

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AU24 SX Speaker Cable Reviews

The enhanced performance of the Audience AU24 SX speaker cables is the result of sourcing higher purity OCC copper (6 nines), a higher quality of XLPE (cross linked polyethylene) insulation as well as making adjustments to geometry. Numerous wire samples were produced and tested to achieve the greatest performance possible. Anyone who has been a fan of any Audience Au24, Au24 e or Au24 SE cables should be thrilled when they hear the new SX line.

The SX is such a clear cut above the SE that it almost seems to defy the family heritage it so proudly and rightly represents! They deliver heightened transparency, increased focus, a more defined and accurate soundstage, a higher degree of resolution and transparency, and a richer, more full-bodied tonality; the SX has elevated the level of Audience's cable game beyond being an extremely competent product to an extraordinary one. - Greg Weaver, Enjoy The Music



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