Audience Au24 SX Phono Cables


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Audience Au24 Sx Phono Cable

AU24 SX Phono interconnects raise the bar substantially over AU24SE. 

Audience AU24 SX series of audiophile cables are a total rethinking of their original AU24 SE design. They incorporate 99.9999 pure OCC copper conductors sheathed in a very high quality XLPE (cross linked polyethylene) dielectric insulating jacket. Audience's single-ended (RCA) and loudspeaker cables employ an innovative and very unique dual concentric coaxial geometry consisting of a perfect lay ribbon wind with opposing angles of the two conductors. The interconnect cables are terminated with ultra-light, bullet-style RCA plugs that fit snugly and won't loosen after repeated, audiophile-nervosa induced plugging and unplugging. :)

Moving Magnet and Moving Coil Versions Available

To retain as much of the signal as possible, Audience offers the following versions of the AU24 SX phono:

  • Stereo Phono Low Z RCA-RCA
  • Stereo Phono Low Z DIN-RCA
  • Stereo Phono High Z RCA-RCA
  • Stereo Phono High Z DIN-RCA

The Au24 SX RCA phono cables represent a significant upgrade in performance. Music is richer, fuller, more extended and engaging with the AU24 SX phono cables.