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High End Audio Cables, Speakers And Power Conditioning

Audience AV's roots go way back to 1972, when Founders John McDonald and the late Richard Smith met in Southern California. John and Richard shared a passion for making music sound better through their unconventional speaker designs. It wasn't until 1997 however when engineer Roger Sheker joined the team that Audience as an audio manufacturer was officially formed. 

While loudspeaker research progressed over the years additional product lines were developed. They soon expanded their repertoire to audiophile speaker cables, power cables and interconnects. Audience was the first company to break the "bigger is better" trend by the development of “ultra thin” low mass/low eddy current resistant interconnect, speaker and power cables. This is today the hallmark of all audience cable designs. Musicality is also another hallmark of all Audience products. Their audio cable, speaker and power conditioners have won many awards from major trade journals such as Stereophile and The Absolute Sounds.

Tweek Geek offers many of the Audience products for in-home auditions. Contact us for details.