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Audience The One-i Loudspeaker

Audiophile Desktop Speaker


 About The One Speakers

The Audience Clairaudient ONE-i loudspeakers measure 7H" x 5.5W" x 7D" consist of a single proprietary Audience 3″ full range driver and a 3.5″ passive radiator on the back side. Like all ClairAudient loudspeakers, the sound delivered by The ONE is highly resolving, dynamic, ultra coherent, seamless and low distortion. This is due in part to the drivers being able to run full range with no crossover.

Crossover parts, while necessary in many speakers, can smear the subtle timing of signals, resulting in a loss of coherance and a blurring of fine harmonic and low level detail. By using a full range driver with no crossover components those details come through The One speakers unhindered.  

Audience The One Speaker

The Driver

The One-i utilizes a single proprietary 3" full range driver. This is no ordinary driver, and has taken some time to perfect. Below are more details on it's construction.

  • The driver basket and motor are machined to very tight tolerances for a more precision assembly
  • A powerful motor made possible by the use of high-quality steel for the neodymium magnet
  • The new driver utilizes custom OHNO oxygen-free copper (OCC) leads between the motor assembly and the speaker lugs for improved conductivity.
  • The One-i driver has a single 8-Ohm voice coil. A very easy load on tube amps
  • The One-i driver incorporates a large, patented neodymium-magnet motor structure and voice coil that moves with a highly linear excursion of 12mm
  • an exclusive titanium alloy cone material with a curvilinear shape;
  • a concave dust cap specially designed to control high-frequency cone breakup and provide optimum dispersion
  • a unique "S"-shaped surround that allows the driver to behave more like an ideal pistonic radiator

The Sound

"Their midrange is truly beautiful. They are one of the least colored speakers I have heard, but not analytical at all. In fact, just the opposite: They let you hear the timbre, tone, and colors of music in a way that is easy to listen to. They have plenty of detail, especially at low levels." - Dagogo

"Audience's ClairAudient One is an extraordinary speaker with superb resolution of detail, excellent dynamic contrasts, and subtle articulation of transients. It's capable of providing satisfying, involvingly uncolored long-term listening over a broad range of music." - Stereophile

A Word On Break-in

The One needs 150 hours of break-in. It may sound colored right out of the box. Please do not lose heart. Be patient and allow them to break-in fully. You will be rewarded...

A Word On Amplification

To get the best sound out of The One-V2, you will need a bit of power. Small amplifiers will not light these up to their potential. An amplifier in the 50 watt range will really enable these to perform their best.

A Word on Volume, Bass and Output

The Clairaudient One-i will offer up fantastic, coherant, high resolution sound at reasonable listening levels. Physics simply won't allow the speakers to high 100dB sound pressure levels, nor will they produce 30Hz bass notes at high levels either. As Stereophile points out in the following quote:

"Given the One's unusual design, however, I suggest that potential buyers think very carefully about how they might configure a pair of them. I think the Ones would be an excellent match for a conventional system when mounted on solid stands 4' from the front wall, so long as you're not that concerned about bass extension. It would also work well in systems for which the buyer is limited to very small speakers that must remain on bookshelves very close to the front wall, and is willing to live with a shallower soundstage.

The Ones could also be a superb match for a desktop system when hooked up to a computer with a first-rate soundcard playing high-resolution digital files. But I wouldn't use these high-resolution speakers to play MP3s in a computer-based system with a cheap soundcard."

Recommended subwoofers

Available direct only, the Rhythmik servo controlled subwoofers can actually keep up with The One-i speakers. We recommend 2 FM8 subwoofers if you are running the speakers in a small room setup, or a single FM8 for desktop applications.