Audiophile Speaker Cables

At Tweek Geek, our knowledge of the speaker cables we carry can provide you the customer with valuable insights as to how they might perform in your audio system. Speaker cables actually become part of an electrical circuit between your loudspeakers and amplifier. So merely shopping for a well reviewed cable may not be a reliable way of choosing, as your amplifier/speaker interface may be completely different than a reviewers. That being said, we can generally gauge in a broad sense how a cable may (or may not) work in your system based on hundreds of trials with other users.

Speak with us, tell us about your system, listening habits and preferences and we will give you our best advice based on that criterea. 

Once your speaker cable choices narrowed, it is always advantageous to try the cables in your own system. We can do that with either our in-home audition program or our 30-day money back guarantee.

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