Wireworld Eclipse 8

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Wireworld Eclipse 8 Interconnect

OCC Copper | 4x32 Strands 18AWG Total | Quad DNA Helix Geometry | Composilex 3 Insulation

The Wireworld Eclipse 8 interconnect features Ohno Continuous Cast copper conductors, Silver Tube connectors, and the DNA Helix geometry. The Eclipse 7 will satisfy the demands of the audiophile with a real world budget.  

Eclipse 8 Metallurgy

The Eclipse 8 interconnects are comprised of Ohno Continuous Cast copper. 99.99997% (6N) pure.

Silver Tube Connectors

As impressive as gold plated connectors look, they are not a reliable indicator of quality in audio cables. Many gold-plated connectors are made of brass, which is then plated with nickel and a thin layer of gold. Brass and nickel are very poor conductors that introduce significant signal loss at the points of contact. The Eclipse 8 utilizes tubular silver-clad OFC contacts and a silicone rubber tension band, offering the lowest contact resistance available, these state-of-the-art connectors make dramatic improvements in sound and image quality.

Composilex 3 Insulation

Insulation materials are considered very important in cable design and designers usually select whatever standard materials they find to work the best. The problem with that approach is that none of those standard materials provide both low loss and low triboelectric noise. To overcome that limitation, we developed our own composite insulation materials. Now in their third generation, Composilex 3 insulation materials are uniquely blended to minimize both noise and loss, enabling us to hear more musical detail and three-dimensionality than ever before.

Composilex 3 insulation has made great improvements in the performance of Wireworld Series 8 cables. It is totally unique to our brand and the incredibly quiet background, tonal purity and expansive soundstaging it provides are a revelation in sonic realism. It works by reducing triboelectric noise, which is caused by static charge/discharge effects generated where conductors touch insulation. The noise is induced by movement, vibration and signal energy. Engineered for the lowest triboelectric noise of any low loss insulation material, including DuPont Teflon, Composilex 3 provides a major advance in preserving tonality, spatiality and dynamic contrast.

Wireworld Eclipse 7 DNA Helix Geometry

Composilex 2 is only part of the innovative DNA Helix® (patent pending) cable designs, which use layered flat
conductors to channel electromagnetic signal energy more efficiently than other designs. The combination of these two advanced technologies produced interconnects that sound distinctly cleaner than others, especially on vocal sibilance. They also allow quieter details to be heard, while preserving a greater range of dynamic contrasts and musical expression than other cables. Amazingly, they even reduce listening fatigue while improving definition and image focus.