Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 8

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Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 7 Interconnect

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Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 8 interconnects utilize Wireworld’s DNA Helix Technology. 40 strands of 7N OCC silver wire per conductor which makes striking improvements in sound quality by virtually eliminating the noise modulation distortion generated by conventional cable insulation materials. DNA Helix geometry provides distinctly quieter backgrounds, dramatically cleaner sibilance, higher resolution, tighter image focus and wider dynamics than would be possible without. The Platinum Eclipse cables make such profound sonic improvements that high resolution DSD files take on much of the natural acoustic presence associated with the finest audiophile-grade recordings. Moreover, Platinum Eclipse cables reveal so much musical detail and expression that the finest recordings simply come to life.

"...If you consider your time listening to music as a meditation exercise, something highly personal, a private part of your day that gets you closer to the ethereal, and something you won't compromise, then scrape together Three Big Ones and go for the Platinum Eclipse..." - Positive Feedback Review

"...On Balance, this may be the most poised and uncolored cable I've heard to date..." - Absolute Sound Review of the Platinum Eclipse Interconnect (pdf)

"...I wasn't prepared for such fabulous detail retrieval and astonishing dynamics. Fabulous..." - Hi-Fi News review of the Wireworld Platinum Eclipse (PDF)

Note: The Platinum Eclipse takes a LONG time to break in. Be patient!

The Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 8 interconnect features Ohno Continuous Cast solid silver conductors, Composilex 2 Dialectric Technology, Silver Tube connectors, and the DNA Helix geometry.  

Platinum Eclipse 8 Metallurgy

The Platinum Eclipse interconnect’s four flat conductors are made of the finest conductor material available, Ohno Continuous Cast® solid silver of 9.99997% purity. The cable’s internal structure is the same DNA Helix® design utilized by the Wireworld’s other reference interconnects, however the Platinum Eclipse conductors are substantially larger than the 
lesser models, providing the ultimate in resolution, soundstaging and dynamic contrasts.

Molded Carbon Fiber Connectors

Platinum Eclipse interconnects feature the world’s first molded carbon fiber connectors. These elegant plugs reveal finer details and natural acoustic ambience in the sound by eliminating the eddy currents and stray field effects of conventional metal connectors, while still providing effective shielding. They also utilize Wireworld’s patented silicone rubber tensioning device and silver-clad tubular OFC contacts to minimize contact losses.

Wireworld Composilex 3 Insulation

Insulation materials are considered very important in cable design and designers usually select whatever standard materials they find to work the best. The problem with that approach is that none of those standard materials provide both low loss and low triboelectric noise. To overcome that limitation, we developed our own composite insulation materials. Now in their third generation, Composilex 3 insulation materials are uniquely blended to minimize both noise and loss, enabling us to hear more musical detail and three-dimensionality than ever before.

Composilex 3 insulation has made great improvements in the performance of Wireworld Series 8 cables. It is totally unique to our brand and the incredibly quiet background, tonal purity and expansive soundstaging it provides are a revelation in sonic realism. It works by reducing triboelectric noise, which is caused by static charge/discharge effects generated where conductors touch insulation. The noise is induced by movement, vibration and signal energy. Engineered for the lowest triboelectric noise of any low loss insulation material, including DuPont Teflon, Composilex 3 provides a major advance in preserving tonality, spatiality and dynamic contrast.

DNA Helix Geometry

WireWorld’s DNA™ cables feature EM field optimized, closely-spaced conductors. This DNA Helix geometry provides dramatic improvements in the preservation of harmonic structure, holography and dynamics.