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High Fidelity Cables

High Fidelity Cable Interconnects

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High Fidelity Cables began making high performance audiophile cables around 2012 with the CT-1 line of interconnects and speaker cables.

What makes High Fidelity Cables unique is their patented technology called magnetic conduction. All of their cable designs incorporate magnetic conduction by means of very powerful magnetic structures that are aligned by polarity so as to use the now directional magnetic fields to enhance current flow, reduce distortion and eliminate noise like no other cable can. As Rick Schultz the inventor says "Electricity powers the components, but it's magnetism that makes the music."

The unique and patented technology takes high end audio cable performance to new levels. High Fidelity has a broad range of audio cables at price points starting at about $699 per pair. The higher up the line one goes, the more magnetic conduction technology is applied. Resulting in more resolution, background blackness and refinement.

Select High Fidelity Cables products are available for audition in your home and on your system through our in-home audition program.