Audio Power Cables

No other audio cable is maligned as snake oil than the power cord. After all, how could the sound be affected from the last six feet of wire after the current has traveled through miles of power lines, your breaker box, house conduit and finally your wall receptacle. To that we say you are looking at it backwards. The power cord is actually the FIRST six feet of wire your audio component sees, and can make significant, foundational changes to the way your entire system reproduces sound.

At Tweek Geek, we select the power cables we carry after long auditioning periods, and can provide you the customer with valuable insights as to how the audio power cords we carry might perform in your audio system. In addition to our knowledge of power cords, our experience with interconnects, speaker cables, and digital cables can help take your system to the next level of performance.

Once you have your audio cable choices narrowed, it is always advantageous to try the cables in your own system. We can do that with either our in-home audition program or our 30-day money back guarantee.

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