Aurai Loudspeakers

Hand Crafted In France

What started as a collaboration between Alain Pratali and Simon Lee of South Korea, has become Alain's own brand of loudspeakers and passion project, Aurai Audio. Named after the wind nymphs of Greek mythology. Alain had been making loudspeakers for April Music when his friend and former employee of April decided it was time to strike out on his own. Alain made the first Aurai models for Simon Audio and is now branching out. 

Alain Pratali has been designing loudspeakers and audio components for over 35 years. This is his first venture under his own brand.  His ideas are innovative, such as using magnets on the hf driver to control output rather than soldering resistors inline. He is a music lover, who loves recreating the soul of the event. He has invented a unique, polymer membrane high frequency driver with a mass of less than .12g. It has a unique floating system that minimizes mass by avoiding glue and screws. The custom machined Acetal wave guide (with 1 micron tolerances) around the HF driver ensures even dispersion without lobing. The enclosures are made of 24mm Finnish Birch ply which greatly reduces resonances. Bespoke crossover parts come from Rike of Germany, WBT, Janssen, etc. Finishes are satin or gloss walnut, cherry, or palisander rosewood veneers.

Sixmoons "discovered" Aurai loudspeakers and I learned about them through Srajan's rave reviews. I have been on a years long search for speakers that were ultimately musical, efficient, in some cases dipole designs. The new Z series with their TQWT (Tapered Quarter Wave Tube) for the midbass driver, and the waveguide loaded HF driver sitting out in the open on top of the speakers are what made us place the opening order.

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