auralic audio AURALiC

Audiophile Components of Extreme Performance & Value

AURALiC found it's genesis in the minds of Xuanqian Wang and Yuan Wang in 2008 when they met at the Waldbühne Festival in Berlin. Their shared appreciation of music and complimentary skillsets laid the foundation for what is now known as one of the most highly regarded new brands in high end audio.

AURALiC was formally incorporated in 2009 and from the start it's mission was constructed around the idea that true hi-fi should be accessible to everyone. They have stayed true to this ideal and are considered value "disruptors" amongst Audiophile equipment manufacturers.

Their original DAC, the Vega, was a Stereophile Most Wanted Component, and their music streamers have recieved the highest forms of praise from music lovers and professional reviewers.

Their products are beautiful, easy to use and produce sound that belies their price point.