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Placing The Bybee V2 Part 1: Speakers

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Welp. We've moved the blog uh-gain. Back to Follow the link below.

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The Dark Matter Stealth Gets A Significant Upgrade

Hi Folks, I have made the decision to move back to the Blogger platform because it is superior in functionality and looks. The article on the Bybee Dark Matter Stealth upgrade can be found by following this link.

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New & Unconventional Power conditioning: The Sorcer from ADD-Powr

I love new technology, especially when it disrupts conventional thinking. Today I want to elaborate on my experience with a new type of power conditioner. Over the last 16 years I have had the opportunity to audition many, many power conditioners, power filters, active power conditioners, passive power conditioners, power distributors, you get the idea. [...]

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A Customer Comments on the Dark Matter Mandala

The Dark Matter Technologies MandalaThe Dark Matter Technologies Mandala is the largest and most powerful of the DMT products. The 4.25 in x 2 in Mandala has over 150grams of Dark Matter material suspended in epoxy. The bottom of the Mandala sports 3 rather soft Sorbothane feet to protect surfaces it may be placed on. It [...]

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Field Coils Are The Future!!!

Anyone who's been an audiophile for a long time knows the irony in the title of this blog. Nonetheless, I believe it's true. But, what is a field coil? Why do they sound so damn good, and why the hell aren't there more speaker manufacturers using them?I've been obsessed. Obsessed with my first experience of [...]

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Open Baffle Open Source: The Sound

If you've been following along, I have been engaged in a fun and educational project involving building an active biamplified open baffle loudspeaker. They are modular, which will give me the option in the future to change out drivers. But for now I am using Eminence Alpha woofers, 2 per side, and the Dayton Audio [...]

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Open Source, Open Baffle Part III - Setting up: Placement, Crossovers, EQ

Part IIThe final parts arrived, and the time to complete the frames, install the drivers etc. had arrived. Assembly was pretty easy, I do wonder however if I needed 2 cross braces between the masts, as the wood baffles act as cross braces. I liked the one across the top as it gives the [...]

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Open Source, Open Baffle Part II - Drivers, Baffles, Wire

<<< First post of the Open Source Open Baffle Speaker ProjectThe baffles arrived for my project the other day. My good friend and all around man who can do anything cut and drilled them for me, leaving me to sand them a bit and put two coats of wipe on polyurethane.To bolt the baffles to the [...]

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The Open Source Open Baffle Speaker Project

I have for a few years now been fascinated by open baffle loudspeakers, and also fascinated more recently by full range drivers (especially field coils like the Voxativ AC-X).I want to share my experience in building this project in hopes that someone else will use the design, improve upon it and share it here so others [...]

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AURALiC, Lumin, Innuos Overview and Feature Comparison

"What's the difference between the AURALiC, Lumin and Innuos streamers you carry?" "Which one sounds best" or "Which do you recommend." Those are questions I receive often. So often in fact that I have decided to lay out some of the features and advantages of all three brands so the next time someone asks, I [...]

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