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USB Cable Comparison Part III

18th Apr 2013

Synergistic Research Active USB vs. Fully Tweaked WireworldThis session pitted a stock Synergistic Research USB Active SE against the fully tweaked Wireworld Platinum Reference. This was probably the … read more

USB Cable Comparison Part II

9th Apr 2013

This is a continuation of USB Cable Comparison Part 1For this comparison, I used the same model cable, The Wireworld Platinum Starlight USB, but added Stillpoints ERS Tape to the cable, as well as a W … read more

Modwright KWI 200 + Vivid Audio B1 = Music

27th Mar 2013

Every once in awhile you find audio components that simply work well together. Their sonic characteristics compliment one another to such a degree that together, their sum is greater than their indivi … read more

USB Cable Comparison 1:

22nd Mar 2013

USB cable comparisons, and a tweekWireworld Platinum StarlightRecently, I had my annual Tweek Geek open house. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate very well, dumping a large amount of snow the … read more