A Customer Comments on the Dark Matter Mandala

A Customer Comments on the Dark Matter Mandala

Posted by Michael Garner on 21st Feb 2019

The Dark Matter Technologies Mandala

The Dark Matter Technologies Mandala is the largest and most powerful of the DMT products. The 4.25 in x 2 in Mandala has over 150grams of Dark Matter material suspended in epoxy. The bottom of the Mandala sports 3 rather soft Sorbothane feet to protect surfaces it may be placed on. It is recommended that it be placed over power supplies, and even works when placed in the room, for example, one on top of each speaker.

The Mandala sitting atop the Aqua Formula HDX DAC. Actually sitting over the DAC, not the power supply. It sounded better there.

Below are the comments from a customer who's been experimenting methodically with my tweaks for over 10 years. He is an avid videophile with a superb, calibrated video system.

"The Mandala is the most powerful system addition that I have experienced in 40 years of participation in the hobby. I use the phrase “system addition” because the Mandala far more powerful than any “tweek” I have ever experienced.

I have followed Mike Garner’s advice on improving my systems performance for more than a decade. I have purchased a series of products from him that were all designed to improve the AC I fed my components. I began with a customized power conditioner and than added EMI/RFI shielding (ERS cloth-Tape,Z-Sleeves). In April of 2015 I added the Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancers. In May of 2018, I added Sonic Tonic bottles followed by the Sonic Tonic dots in the summer of 2018. In early September 2018 I began experimenting with the MANDALA.

My comments on the MANDALA are limited to video picture quality. I prefer to audition “tweeks” on my video system because experience has taught me that I can have much more confidence in my assessment of video quality than I can have in asssessing audio quality.(For those who want more details on my systems components and my review criteria see my review on the Tweekgeek website under the Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancer).I thought that the improvements in picture quality that I had achieved after adding the Sonic Tonic II to my system were the best if not close to the best that I could achieve. The Mandala proved how wrong I was.

What did I see after adding the Mandala:

(1) Fine Detail. Whether it was fabric,wall coverings, clothing or leather upholstery the level of detail that was visible was jaw dropping. Fine linen or needle work was now clearly visible and 3 dimensional. I did not have to squint for detail which meant that the viewing experience was more relaxed and immersive.

(2) Light Reflections. This was the most unexpected improvement. The Mandala increased the reflectivity of light off of all surfaces. Whether the eyes or teeth or lips of an actor highlights were visible that i had not seen before.Reflections off leather shoes were mirror-like. Costume jewelry or crystals shone with an inner”fire” that I had only previously seen in real life not on film or video.

(3) Print and fine detail. When print on books or calendars that had previously been illegible became legible I was sold.I could read the time off of the watches on actors wrists.

For me the improvements reminded me of going from VHS tapes to Blu-ray discs. Given the 30 day trial period, auditioning the Mandala is a “no-brainer”.This is especially true if you have already tweeked your system and think further improvements require an upgraded components.

The Mandala represents a breakthrough and the culmination of Mike’s research efforts and I believe it will be famous very soon."

I'm not sure about the "Famous part, but I do appreciate the support and the great detail included in the comments.

If you are curious and want to try the DMT Mandala, email sales@tweekgeek.com or call 303-653-6341 to arrange an in-home audition.