Bonn N8

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Bonn N8

Audiophile Network Switch



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Lower Noise, Improve Timing

By improving both power & network signal quality and TCXO technology, The Silent Angel Bonn N8 improves network signal quality for audio streamers. The Bonn N8, has 8 high quality gigabit Ethernet ports,The net improvements to network signal quality result in significant sound quality improvement in music streaming  playback through streaming services or one's own personal music library.


The Silent Angel Bonn N8 is designed for low electrical noise and high noise rejection. This helps to reduce data loss. As a result, Network signal integrity is improved.

Clock Signal

The Silent Angel customized TCXO (Temperature Compensation crystal Oscillator) is highly accurate to 0.1ppm, which is much higher than normal crystal oscillator and higher than a normal TCXO. With this TCXO, Bonn N8 is able to generate a more accurate network signal and provide more stable music data transmission.


There are two electrical noise isolation circuits, with a noise rejection rate of 17dB, for the power circuit. There are also two electrical noise isolation circuits, with a noise rejection rate of 20dB, for the clock generation circuit. These noise isolation circuits ensure the Bonn N8's operational stability, and as a result, it generates stable network signals.

Furthermore, to reduce noise from digital circuits, the Bonn N8 utilizes a special EMI absorber on the inner side of bottom case to absorb the EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) from the inner digital circuit and makes the network signal and clock circuit more stable and clear.

Comparing the N8 to a general network switch, it is obvious to the ears that the improvements are significant and worthwhile in a high quality streaming system. The resulting improvements can also be seen and proven on the signal measurements.

 Jitter reduction

The quality of network signal from Bonn N8 is 90% better than that of a general switch in jitter measurements.(lower is better)