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Bybee Room Neutralizers

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Product Description

Bybee Room Neutralizers

The Bybee Room Neutralizers are meant to be hung on your walls, then make them (sonically) disappear! 

Experience the Bybee Room Neutralizers and experience the size, detail, beauty, and drama of your recordings, unlimited by your room.  You will be pleasantly stunned.  We guarantee it!

Placement of the Room Neutralizers

What They Are

The system is a set of 8 Neutralizers, 2” wide by 6” long, with a 6” antenna tail. They hang on your walls and help them accomplish a disappearing act by use of a proprietary blend of materials that resonate with the air molecules in the room, enabling the transmission of sound without the usual time misalignment of high frequencies. They work well with other room treatments such as the Steinmusic Harmonizers, Shakti Hallographs and Stillpoints Apertures.

The Listening Room: The most important component of your audio system, and the hardest to tame.

The listening room is the most stubbornly defiant antagonist to the sonic illusion a two channel audio system will ever encounter.  The reason for this is that the recording is trying to place the listener in one acoustic environment while the listening room is reinforcing a different environment.  It is rather like taking one outside and telling him it is a warm sunny day, when meanwhile he is getting pummeled with a cold rain.  The illusion simply cannot survive such tacit evidence to the contrary.   The sages were right when they told us that the listening room was the most important component in any audio system.

While a host of “room treatment” products have been developed, some large and awkward, most are expensive and only moderately effective.  The proof is easy to demonstrate.  Simply stand between your speakers, or very nearly between them and slightly in front, while the system is operating.  You will almost assuredly hear a vast improvement in the detail of the original environment in which the music was recorded.  This effect is similar to what is experienced by using headphones.  The reason this occurs is that the room reflections are suppressed when you get closer to the speakers, and also the time lag of high frequencies as they propagate through the air is reduced by making the transmission path shorter.  If only there were a way to retain this ambiance detail at the listening position.

Enter the Bybee Room Neutralizers

The Bybee Room Neutralizers offer a unique way of effectively removing the acoustic limitations of the listening room and presenting to the listener all of the sonic details of the original recorded environment intact.  They accomplish this feat by use of a proprietary blend of materials that resonate with the air molecules in the room, enabling the transmission of sound without the usual time misalignment of high frequencies.  

With this benefit the listener becomes unaware of the room reflections because the direct energy from the speakers is time aligned and has a commanding dominance over wall reflections.  
The room sonically disappears and it is as though the listener put on headphones, accept that the excitement and spatial correctness of a loudspeaker presentation is not forfeited. 

A Bybee Room Neutralizer system is comprised of a set of eight neutralizers, each measuring 2” x 6”, with a 6” antenna tail.  The neutralizers are essentially two dimensional and can be placed behind pictures and other wall ornaments if desired.


The figure below illustrates in general how to place the Room Neutralizers. Your mileage may vary slightly. Users have reported moving them away from the wall by a few inches can be helpful too. Experimentation is key.  Attachment is made easy by the adhesive surfaces, just peal and place.  Scotch tape installation can be used at first to experiment with location before final installation is made.  Placement is not terribly critical, and for most systems an approximation to the figure will work 
well. They seem to have an effective area of about 4 feet in diameter.

The general rule of thumb is this: Placement of the Room Neutralizers will help define the boundaries of the soundstage in all 3 dimensions. 





The effect the neutralizers have on the listening environment is immediate, though the full effect will develop and become more uniform over about three days.   The system will achieve full musicality only after that period of time.  

The listener is advised to permit sufficient time to get used to the effect of the neutralizers.  He or she is probably not used to listening without the constrictive effects of the room acoustics and will likely be a bit shocked at first.  As listening continues it will become increasingly apparent that a new level of spatial size and depth, resolution, musical excitement and intimacy is occurring.  

The old two channel stereo plane of sound gives way to a holographic surround effect that transports the listener completely to the space of the original recording.  Sonic purity and beauty will become striking as all the wall reflection grunge remarkably disappears.  This gives rise to a new appreciation for the music as well as the audio system that no longer has to fight room acoustics to make its musical statement.

Product Reviews

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  1. Performs as advertised 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Sep 2017

    Heard immediate benefits upon installation. Increased height, width and depth of soundstage. Holographic imaging, better focus. Significant reduction of higher frequency resonances. Only disappointment was that it did nothing to cure my ragweed allergies.

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