Bybee Speaker Bullets - Nano Crystal Series

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Bybee Nano Crystal Series Speaker Bullets

 Gold internal Wiring & Proprietary Ceramics

"On my Marten Duke2 Speakers, the drive and aliveness of the vocals was enhanced. Female vocals were a bit sexier and appealing. Words were clearer. Separation was more dramatic and the instruments in front seemed closer to me. The bass response was definitely more controlled. The new Bullets are not sonically subtle, so be prepared to hear nuances and slam that were previously obscured. " Robert Levi, Positive Feedback Online

The Crystal Series Speaker Bullets incorporate a newly developed combination of aluminum casings and new proprietary gold wire that surpasses previous wire originally used in earlier products.  The termination on this product utilizes the highest quality silver banana plugs and 5-way binding post terminals for the receiving end of the speaker cables.  Although dramatic sonic improvements will be quickly audible, an burn-in period of 100-200 hours will enable the Plug-In Speaker Bullets to reach full performance. 


  • 2018 Nano Crystal Technology
  • Bybee SE Speaker Purifiers
  • Proprietary Gold wire
  • New Ceramic internal components for further improved performance


"Bybee's SES Bullets have the ability to improve harmonics, transient response and dynamics (especially in the bass region). But most of all, the overall ‘purity quotient’ goes up. Way up. Bybee credits this to the ability of SES Bullets to address what he calls “1/f distortion”—before it ever reaches your loudspeakers."

"Immediately, I was able to specifically detect instruments that had been submerged into the fabric of a song. They didn't appear more forward as much as more out in the open. This allowed a greater comprehension of the various instruments that actually make up a song. The improved delineation of even the slightest cymbal stroke or accent of the snare was an indication that the SES Bullets MK II were dynamically superior and more transparent than the previous version. And this with zero burn-in!"

"The SES Bullets MK II produce sound quality comparable to giants like Audio Consulting of Switzerland and the most outrageous offerings from Audio Note. That my system could even remotely be on a similar path is amazing — a glimpse of audiophile heaven that I was not expecting. I’ve been far more interested in listening to classic jazz than in talking about new audio equipment! "

May 2014 Clement Perry, Stereo Times

How to use

Simply insert the speaker bullets (the + Bullet marked in red ) in between your speaker cables and speaker's + and - binding posts. They require approximately 200 hours of use to fully break in, but the effect is noticeable almost immediately. If you have biwire capable speakers, the best result is to use 2 sets. The next best is to run your biwire jumpers after the speaker bullets to the second set of binding posts on your loudspeakers.

What you will hear

The soundstage will improve dramatically. Width, depth, height, everything. Subtle sonic cues that give music it's sense of space that were once so hard to hear are now natural, part of the performance and add to the realism. The low frequencies have more extension and slam. The midrange layers are more delineated, not artificially, but very organically. The highs are sweeter, more delineated and less grainy.

We absolutely guarantee you will love the Bybee Speaker Bullets. Buy them with confidence, knowing that if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days.