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Bybee Stealth Power Purifier - $6999, Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Product Description


Bybee Stealth Dark Matter Power Purifier

Why Power Conditioning?

We as audiophiles love music. We especially love those elements that bring the musical experience closer to reality, or give us goosebumps. Things like air, space, sparkling highs, growling bass, 3 dimensionality, lively dynamics, transient attack,  decay, a sense of ease and flow...You get the picture. Interestingly enough, those sonic characteristics we so love are often very low level.

We spend thousands, tens of thousands on components, speakers, cables, etc. trying to create that sense of magic that leaves us glued to our listening chairs. You may have wired up your audio room with 10 gauge wire, followed expert instructions on running the wire, and all you may have accomplished is a superior effort in bringing more noise from the grid to your audio system. You need to do more...

Power is the life blood, the fuel that ultimately becomes the audio signal emanating from your loudspeakers. The term "Garbage In Garbage Out" applies perfectly to the power being supplied to your system. If it is full of noise and distortion (Garbage In), it WILL make it's way through your system, masking the low level information, creating harshness, edginess and having you reaching for the volume knob then listening fatigue sets in.

If you think power conditioning squashes dynamics, or compromises the music in some way, you just haven't heard good power conditioning....

Why the Dark Matter Stealth?

  1. Time tested design - The basic design of the Stealth has been around for over 35 years. It works. The Bybee SE AC Purifiers, along with the other circuits and components used, remove noise like nothing else ever has. 
  2. Innovation - Over those 35 years, the Bybee Purifiers themself have gone considerable improvements, and we have been free to pursue innovations from other manufacturers of power conditioning technology, such as the High Fidelity Wave Stabilizers. If it makes an improvement we will use it, regardless of who invented it. Our goal is to bring the best power conditioning possible to our customers, not stroke our egos.
  3. Safety - Did you know that most audio grade power conditioners do not use safety rated (called X rated) capacitors in their designs? Why? Good sounding x rated capacitors are very difficult to find. So instead other manufacturers opt for high performance audio capacitors. The same kinds used in audiophile speakers. They sound fantastic, but if they ever fail the end result could be a fire or someone receiving a severe electrical shock. The Stealth uses ONLY x rated capacitors. If an x rated capacitor fails, it does not create a short, it fails "open". In other words it disconnects the circuit and the conditioner would not power up.
  4. Made in the USA. - We manufacture the Stealth in Colorado. The chassis are machined locally, and the Stealth is assembled by hand by one person who has been building them for 10 years. We pay him very well, and in return he does a spectacular job of assembling a product that will perform rock solid for decades.

Audition the Stealth Dark Matter, or Find Out What Your Trade Is Worth | Questions? Call 303-653-6341 or email us.

"As for the Dark Matter unit, I definitely enjoyed what I heard. I have been on a quest to find a power conditioner that can replace the Absolare Bybee Purifier that I have been using for the past 5 years. It is a great unit and difficult to find something that can better it. With the Dark Matter unit, I could definitely hear a “family resemblance” with the Absolare Purifier, but the Dark Matter unit was a sonic level beyond it. I felt that the DM unit had better transparency and a less colored sound, it had better dynamics, it was a large step ahead in the presentation of the upper frequencies (as an example, cymbals and high hats sounded as open and realistic as I have heard) and had a more open and less compressed sound. In addition, the DM presented a wider and deeper soundstage.." - AS, Texas


 Sixmoons Blue Moon Award Winner

"...Regardless of how exactly Bybee Purifiers really work, their effect proved unlike any other power-line product I have tried. Yes, they do appear to reduce some of that same fine layer of low-level haze which I think most audiophiles are familiar with but where these little buggers really impressed was the way dynamics especially of the micro variety come across so freely. The leading edges of notes and musical nuances are far better realized. Music flows more naturally and shows greater vibrancy. Dynamics open up but without upsetting tonal balance or highlighting other musical or sonic aspects." - Paul Candy, Sixmoons

Positive Feedback Online

"Not sure what to say… don't really want to put any one off or offend anyone, but phucking shit… you got to be kidding me?! What the hell just happened? This unit is so far down the road in going deeper into the music with more color, life, energy, presence, separation, imaging, resolution, air, light, slam, dynamics, ambiance, extension, palpability, naturalness, involvement, neutrality… gee anything else left to add… I mean really, what the hell?! This is a done deal. Forget it, here is the check." - January 2011 Review of the Bybee V2 Stealth Edition


35 Years of Bybee Technology

The Bybee Power Purifier Stealth has been at the forefront of AC power conditioning & audio noise reduction for the last 35 years. It cleans AC power like no other product on the market, and the results are clearly audible. We challenge you to find better AC conditioning at this price. We make good on our challenge by offering in-home auditions of the STEALTH, and of course our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

The Heart of the STEALTH

The Bybee Power Purifier STEALTH uses Jack Bybee's proprietary and ultra high grade SE Crystal Quantum Purifiers inside, in addition to parallel Bybee purification to achieve this end. No other manufacturer comes close to this technology, and effective noise reduction without using heavy (and current limiting) chokes and transformers.

All of this would mean nothing of course if the noise reduction also robbed the music of it's soul. This is the area where the Bybee Power Purifier STEALTH excels. To be able to lower the noise floor so much, and preserve the layering, ambience, dynamics and flow of the music is what makes the STEALTH power conditioner so unique. For the first time, your audio system will be able to perform to its full potential with the clean, and unrestricted power flowing to the individual components from the Bybee Power Purifier STEALTH.




Nonmagnetic Aluminum Chassis - No off the shelf stamped steel chassis here. The chassis of the Stealth is costom made of of 4mm thick, nonmagnetic aluminum. 

Surge Protection - First, a high quality circuit breaker with a rocker style switch. Second, a John Curl designed surge protection circuit that does not wear out, degrade sound quality, and resets itself after tripping.

Dual Ground Filtration - Along with a Bybee Purifier on the ground leg of the AC, we have incorporated an additional low resistance filter on the ground. This noticeably lowers the noise floor. The ground filter is standard on every new stealth sold.

Crystal Bybee Slipstreams - We now incorporate at no extra charge Crystal Bybee Slipstreams into the AC receptacle filter network. This replaces the copper slipstreams previously used in the stock Bybee Stealth. The net benefit is an even more organic presentation with slightly more body and a very nicely extended high frequency. These should not make as much difference as they do, but they do...

Furutech GTX- D NCF AC Receptacles - The New Furutech NCF AC receptacles feature copper contacts, a new and very powerful clamping mechanism that can hold any power cord, and an exceptional sonic performance.

Sonic Tonic - Our own Sonic Tonic is suspended in epoxy and placed on the AC receptacle capacitors and also the circuit breaker. This takes the noise filtering capabilities of the capacitors and enhances it further by helping the capacitors dissapate their energy quicker, reducing the dialectric charge on them.

Bybee iQSE - We strategically place a Bybee internal Quantum Signal Enhancer over the box that houses the Bybee SE AC purifiers, main capacitor filter and the High Fidelity Wave Stabilizers. This enhances performance by dropping the noise floor further.

Grounding post - We incorporate a grounding post on the back of the unit to make connecting of an Entreq grounding box easy. 


The Tweek Geek "Dark Matter" Options

Want the ultimate performance? The following options will take the Stealth (and your audio system) to new levels.

High Fidelity Wave Stabilizers - Rick Schultz's Magnetic Conduction Technology has been one of the most significant improvements to audio cable design in 50 years. His line of audio cables offer unprecidented performance for those who want the absolute best regardless of expense. For manufacturers, he makes his AC Wave Stabilizers available for use in power conditioning products. We incorporate these phenomenal devices on the hot, neutral and ground legs feeding all receptacles. When AC is run through the Wave Stabilizers as part of the Stealth power conditioning system you get the best of extreme low level resolution paired with the best in organic richness and musicality. Your audio components are able to reveal much more low level information than with the Bybee Crystal AC Purifiers alone. Your system attains a spooky sort of realism with tonal shading, dynamics, texture, and emotion. The Wave Stabilizers are instrumental in attaining this level of detail, while Bybee Crystal AC Purifiers in turn help to preserve the soul, the musicality that pours out of your audio system. It's an amazing, synergistic combination that we highly recommend.


Furutech DPS-4 Internal Wiring 

Furutech's latest and best AC wiring,  DPS-4 OCC DUCC wire is the purest copper on the market. Period. Furutech's DUCC Ultra Crystallized High Purity Copper is supplied and regulated with strict quality control by Mitsubishi Materials Industries. It is one of the best conductors Furutech engineers have found for signal transmission (MMI is the leading manufacturer of the highest-purity oxygen-free copper in the world).



Call or email us to arrange an in-home audition of a fully broken in Bybee Power Purifier. We pay for shipping to you, you are responsible for return shipping. Please plan to have the Power Purifier in your system 2 days before the actual audition in order for it to settle in properly. If you need to keep the conditioner 1 or 2 weeks, that is perfectly fine, just let us know so we know how to schedule auditions that will be following yours.

Customer Reviews

star50.gif Its the magic, reference quality or lets just call it X, that Stealth and ARN (Active Room Neutralizer) have produced right off the bat …. if there is a short coming I haven’t discovered it,  and digital has disappeared from digital - SENSATIONAL! -LB, Singapore

star50.gif The Bybee Stealth Power Purifier resulted in extremely quiet background of the music. It significantly outperformed a similar priced conditioner by a major manufacturer. It would sound like a cliche, but it is equivalent to a whole system upgrade. Highly recommended! - MV, Chicago

star50.gif "The unit completed its settling in process and really woke up itself and the system about 48 hours ago.  Apparently the climate, temp and altitude changes of the rapid shipment, like others things I have (complex ribbon cables, electronics, etc…) necessitate the unit has some time to acclimate and warm back up. I am ECSTATIC and EXTREMELY IMPRESSED (!!!) by what this has done for my system. An audiophile friend and I were doing some listening yesterday and he and I both agree the difference is night and day from when we last heard the system a couple of months ago.  It is very complimentary with Elrod high-ribbon count power cables and interconnects and my system as a whole. It sounds like I made the switch to Tube amplification and pre-amp overnight with all the benefits and none of the side effects. This is without a doubt, THE BEST power conditioning solution I have ever used, bar none." - MW, South Carolina

star50.gif"The Bybee is off the charts good. Immediately you notice that where there was silence before there is more! I really didn't think my amps were on and they aren't even plugged into it. I thought the Bybee was already the quietest I had ever heard. After a few days you're thinking where'd my speakers go? They completely disappeared. A few days after that you're sitting listening and you think'Shit' where'd my room go? It's much more than that and was incredible on my analog right out of the box. It took my digital awhile to come around but everything is amazing! "

star50.gif "I hate reviewing equipment. Something always haunts you down the road or someone's feelings get hurt or someone wants to argue. So I'm going out on a limb here to say," you must hear this thing!" It has given my system a whole new level of quiet. Phono is as quiet as digital and this with a tube phono stage. Imaging is dense, layered and the most stable I've ever heard. The soundstage is as big as it is recorded. This means large stages extend into your neighbors living room. The room disappears completely. The best conditioner I've heard, make that the best product I've heard in awhile. Remember this was in my system, in my home, and in my state if mind! YMMV but you owe it to yourself to check this out. Pricey yes but it improved almost everything. All Rocky Mountain exhibits should try this in the demo room. Killer product." - RM, Arizona
star50.gif"In my nearly thirty years of having some sort of music system Ive had the priveledge of using some very fine power conditioning devices. Only recently,with the purchase of the Bybee Wire purifier have I realized what my music truly sounds like.This is absolutely the BEST power conditioner on the market today.I've never heard such quietness and complete freedom from noise,grain, grit, hash and other powerline nasties.
The music is set free to be enjoyed like never before. You simply must give it an audition. Once you hear what it can'll never want to give it up!" - DY, Kentucky
star50.gif "I have never written an audio review before, ever, and I've been quasi-obsessed with this hobby for over a decade now. I just purchased the Bybee 2.0, have had it for 24 hours, and for the first time in my life I actually feel compelled to write a review. I recently put together a new two-channel system as a gift to myself, all McIntosh electronics with a pair of Sonus Faber speakers. I loved it but always thought something was missing which, inevitably, had my thinking "should I trade" this or that. As we all know, that's equivalent to financial suicide. The sound was great, but...veiled, not holographic, not amazing, just very good. With the Bybee, it is a TOTALLY new system. I cannot stress this enough - it is an entirely new experience, so dynamic, so controlled, so completely holographic that it is no longer like I am listening to speakers - I am listening to music. And it absolutely makes me love my prior purchases - because, apparently, this is what they should sound like. This is the best single product I have ever bought, bar none, and I cannot now imagine having any system without one of these. I did not "believe" in how absolutely critical quality power is to a system before. I am an absolute believer now. Anybody who has lovingly put together a system and thinks its good without a product of this calibre simply does not know what they are missing. Buy one and never look back." - JG
star50.gif Bybee Vs. Shunyata "I purchased the Bybee Power Purifier v2.0 for my audio system which consists of Meridian 808.2, Lamm ML1.1 and Wilson Watt 7 with Shunyata AC and Harmonic Tech cables. I had been using the Shunyata Hydra 8 rev 1 for my AC conditioner and was very satisfied with the sound. Recently I had read about the Bybee Conditioner in an online review and decided that I would buy one to possibly replace the Hydra 8.

After a few days of burn-in I took a listen to my system with the Bybee Conditioner installed (CD Player and both mono amps plugged into the conditioner). I was expecting some improvements, but on listening to very familiar music I was totally blown away by the improvement!

Compared the Hydra 8 rev 1 (I know this is brand-new Shunyata model out..) there is absolutely no comparison. The Bybee improved every aspect of my system, frequency extension both bass and high-end, transparency and clarity, soundstage dimension, micro and macro dynamics. This was without leaning out the sound or in any way that I can hear reduce the audio quality in anyway. I would definitely put it at least equal to major improvement in a major component (speaker, CD player or amp) and much more than any cable (AC/interconnect/speaker cable) upgrade. If I were to put a percent improvement in my system I would say 30% improvement in what I thought was already a pretty excellent sounding system before I added the Bybee. My wife who likes music but tolerates the audio hobby was also very surprised that all I had changed was the conditioner for the sound improvement.

I have had the Bybee in my system for 8 months now, and am still amazed at the improvement I got in my system. It has put my system so much closer to live music, have looked to upgrade anything in my system since.
" - RM


Stage 1 Filter

  • John Curl Designed Surge Protection
  • Proprietary Capacitive Filter Network
  • Additional proprietary ground filter on the ground leg.

Stage 2 Filter

  • Bybee CRYSTAL Super Effect Quantum Purifiers across hot, and neutral AC. 
  • Standard Bybee Quantum Purifier on the ground leg of the AC.

Stage 3 Filter

  • Isolation of Duplex Receptacles
  • Capacitive Filter Network on each duplex receptacle
  • Bybee Slipstream Purifiers implemented within duplex receptacle capacitive Filter Networks
  • entreq-olympus.png

    Furutech GTX NCF series AC Receptacles

Complimentary Products


The following products work extremely well with the STEALTH, and we highly recommend pairing them together to get even more performance out of your audio components. We have experimented with many products over many years, the following products offer a significant level of improvement over and above what one can achieve from a single component.
  • Entreq Silver Minimus or Olympus Minimus grounding boxes with Apollo Eartha Cable - The Entreq grounding box, when connected to the ground point of the STEALTH via an Apollo cable allows for all of your components to be connected to a powerful, low resistance local grounding station. More texture, and less grain in the  mid and high frequencies. The bass frequencies are liberated as well and simply growl.


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  1. Impressive 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jan 2015

    The Bybee Stealth Power Purifier resulted in extremely quiet background of the music. It significantly outperformed a similar priced conditioner by a major manufacturer. It would sound like a cliche, but it is equivalent to a whole system upgrade. Highly recommended!

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