We'd love to talk to you. But first, we have a favor to ask.


We look forward to helping you as efficiently as possible. When you call Tweek Geek, you will get me, the owner. I've been an audiophile for over 30 years, and in the business of audio for over 20. However I am a one man show, and I need to work as efficiently as possible. As audiophiles we LOVE to talk. A short phone call for a "quick question" can quickly transform to a lengthy conversation.  As much as I'd love to speak with you at length, I simply wouldn't have time left to service other customers, answer emails, pack orders, and do my other day to day tasks. I am very good at answering emails quickly. 


  • If you can formulate your question into an email, I will get to you within a couple of hours (between 11am and 9pm).

  • I will be able to focus on your question when my mind is fresh, and fully focused on YOU.

  • If we need to talk on the phone after the initial email, we can set aside some time to have a focused and productive conversation.

Contact Us Via Email 

Phone: 866-893-3543

Our Studio Address (Do NOT Send Packages Here):

Tweek Geek 

400 w hwy 290

Suite A104

Dripping Springs, TX 78620 

Our Business Hours

Phone Hours

  • Monday through Thursday, 11AM to 4PM
  • Friday 11am to 2pm
  • We generally answer emails well after store hours.

Studio Hours 

  • Wednesday Through Saturday Noon to 5pm
  • By Appointment 

We recommend setting an appointment if it is a specific piece of equipment you wish to listen to. That way we can make sure we have it available in the store, and have time set aside for you with no interruptions.  We recommend early evenings (7-9pm) as the area is quieter at that time.



Want to Trade Something In?

We do accept trade-ins. We also can help sell your audio equipment through our consignment program.

To get started Go To Our Trade-In Request Form


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Feedback, whether good or bad, helps us become better at serving you. We appreciate the time you take to help us become better.

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