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CT-1 Ultimate Power Cord

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High Fidelity Cables CT-1 Ultimate Power Cord

Audio Power Cord

The High Fidelity line of cables use what is called magnetic conduction to reduce noise and distortion on an audio component's incoiming AC. Even if you have extensive power conditioning, the CT-1 Ultimate still removes a layer of noise and haze that is immediately audible when this power cord is inserted into your audio system.


The CT-1 Ultimate power cord utilizes powerful  ‘pre-applied’ magnetic fields to the conductors to reduce noise and distortion in the power cable. The end result is an audiophile power cable like nothing you have ever experienced before. 


Each CT-1U audiophile power cable contains an inline Wave Guide V2 module on the hot, neutral and ground. Wave guides are powerful magnetic systems that enhance the performance of Magnetic Conduction based cables to a high degree. The CT-1 Ultimate uses an even purer grade of conductor, increasing ferromagnetic permeability to a higher level. What this means is the magnetic wave guides are more effective. 

Features of the CT-1 Ultimate PC

  • Ultimate Waveguide Technology treats hot, neutral and ground independently.
  • Pure DuPont Teflon dielectrics.
  • DuPont Delrin acetal resin connector bodies.
  • Pure copper 24 karat gold plated connectors.
  • Polyamide potted connectors to reduce mechanical vibration.
  • Ultimate Waveguide vibration dampening technology

Try the CT-1 Ultimate audiophile power cable in your system with our 30-day money back guarantee. Call 888-998-9335 for details.