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CT-1 Ultimate Reference Helix Power Cord

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CT-1 Ultimate Reference Helix Power Cord

High End Audio Power Cord

 ct-1 ultimate reference helix

Our thoughts on the CT-1 Ultimate Reference Helix Power Cable

I have had the privelege of having 2 of these audio power cords in my system, and I can say with confidence that these cables will allow your component to reveal inner detail, subtlety, transparency, dynamics, you name it, they can do it like you've never heard before. Spooky detail and holography, revealing information that you have never heard on your most familiar recordings will have you glued to your listening chair for endless hours. 

Timbres and decays were so natural, so lifelike, I just could not believe this much information was on the recording and I had never heard it before.

The CT-1 Ultimate Helix power cord is no musical scalpel. It expertly extracts more musical information than any other power cable and allows your system to play with emotion unlike anything you have heard before.

No these cables aren't for everyone. For many a new component may make more sense. But for those of you looking for the "end of the road", the final pieces to put together your ultimate audio system, these cables deserve your serious consideration. Please contact us for an in-home audition when you are ready.


About the CT-1 Ultimate Reference Helix 

Like the CT-1 Ultimate reference power cord, the CT-1 Ultimate Reference Helix audiophile power cable utilizes powerful  ‘pre-applied’ magnetic fields to the conductors to reduce noise and distortion in the power cable. The Ultimate Reference Rhodium Plus contains very rare and expensive magnets that are an order of magnitude more powerful than those found in the standard CT-1U. The end result is like nothing you have ever experienced before. 

Each CT-1U Reference Helix power cable contains a larger inline Wave Guide module on the hot, neutral and ground. Wave guides are powerful magnetic systems that enhance the performance of Magnetic Conduction based cables to a high degree. The CT-1 Ultimate uses an even purer grade of conductor, increasing ferromagnetic permeability to a higher level. What this means is the magnetic wave guides are more effective. 

In addition to the features included in the Ultimate Reference, you have:

  • Connectors that utilize pure copper Rhodium plated connections, with DSM's Nylatron for outstanding durability and dielectric properties.
  • Ultimate Reference Rhodium Plus Waveguide uses the newest helix design magnetic conduction system.


Try the CT-1 Reference Helix  audiophile power cable risk-free with our 30-day money back guarantee.