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CT-2 Double Helix Signature

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CT-2 Double Helix Signature Power Cable

Easily Discernible Naturalness, Clarity, Dynamics, Sound Staging, Imaging, Tonality, Speed & Realism

CT-2 double helix signature

The High Fidelity CT-2 Double Helix Signature power cord was designed to outperform, and represents a new level of value in High Fidelity's cable lineup.

Double Helix Design

A lot of new technology has been incorporated into the "Signature" series cables. The first and most important innovation is in the magnetic conduction wave guide system employed. It is a double helix design offering a "Fully Helix Waveguide". This new waveguide is an extremely focused magnetic system and its ability to remove distortion is truly exceptional.

It achieves this tremendous realism and focus by guiding a very focused pathway for the lines of flux created by the magnets which the electrons will follow due to their dipole moment/magnetic moment. As the electrons are centered to an extremely tight helix spin, your music signal is perfected. This rather light-weight and manageable Double Helix waveguide is more articulate, focused, and musical. It delivers an incredible sense of speed and realism through an electron focusing system that only magnets can achieve. 

Improved Conductors

The conductors are more permeable in all the signal cables, using a specialized permalloy material that is the basic design of cable offered in our top end series of cables. All conductors in the Signature line are specially treated with a high voltage Tesla-based cable cooking and conditioning unit that delivers over half a million volts to the cable itself. This helps to both "carve" a precise pathway for electron movement as well as helps to further magnetize the conductor itself for a continued precision pathway.

Internal Contact Enhancement

The CT-2 Signature series features our extreme internal contact enhancement treatment, which is also incorporated in the Ultimate Reference Double Helix Signature, the Professional Series Double Helix Signature, and the Professional Elite flagship statement products. This enhancer lowers resistance in all the internal mechanical connections and makes for a silky smooth realism that flows music unlike any other ultra high end cable besides, of course, the even higher end High Fidelity Cables products. It is no little achievement; this enhancer is like nothing in the marketplace and designed specifically for internal connections.

The Signature is a statement of technology at work. It delivers music at this price point like no other cable ever made. It offers exceptional value and a true audiophile high end musical yet ultra-revealing clarity like no other cable.

If you are considering a reference cable yet not looking to spend tens of thousands, look no further than the CT-2 Signature.