The Dark Energy AC Harmonizer Power Conditioner

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The Dark Energy AC Harmonizer

Audiophile Power Conditioner

Totally Passive AC Distribution & Optional Conditioning

From Dark Matter Technologies, makers of the DMT line of Tweaks comes the Dark Energy AC Harmonizer power conditioner. A very unconventional approach to power conditioning from Dark Matter Technologies and ADD-Powr. The Harmonizer has a powerful effect on incoming AC, obliterating noise and distortion while in no way impeding current delivery to the duplex AC receptacles. If you crave clarity, dynamics and musicality, you absolutely must audition the AC harmonizer!



The Harmonizer Story

We source a module from ADD-Powr and it runs internally. Parallel to the wiring of the Harmonizer. This is a lower budget solution to our Reference power solution 1.0 (a Dark Energy power distributor, Sourcer X4, High Fidelity MC 0.5 Helix Plus). It combines the power distributor with a smaller ADD-Powr device. One can add an MC 0.5 Helix Plus, plug it in to the wall outlet adjacent to the AC Harmonizer and get fairly close to our Reference System 1.0.

The High Fidelity MC 0.5 Helix Plus


A Stand-Alone Solution for Dirty Power

The AC harmonizer is powerful enough to operate as a stand-alone power conditioner. Quite surprisingly, it performed nearly as well as the Dark Matter Stealth power conditioner in listening tests. 



Hear For Yourself

We encourage you to hear the Dark Energy Cell technology for yourself through our In-Home Audition program. 

More information:

  • 1 ADD-Powr 8x Cell

  • Furutech Duplex receptacles

  • Furutech DPS 4.1 internal wiring

  • Ground filtration (each duplex receptacle is individually ground filtered)

  • Parallel AC filtering with Duelund capacitors

  • Bybee V2 internally

  • Fused Power input

  • 4 duplex AC receptacles

  • W x H x D: 11 9/16" x 4 5/8" x 10 1/2"

  • Weight: 11 lbs