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Dark Energy S2

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Product Description

Dark Energy S2 RCA Interconnects

A Music AND Detail Lovers Cable

The Dark Energy interconnects were known for their extreme liquid musicality, with a huge soundstage and a layered, rich midrange. Many of our customers compared these cables to others costing 4 times as much, and saved a lot of money going with the Dark Energy.

But we could not leave well enough alone. We felt that tonally the cables were spot on. Vocals an the midrange were magical. Bass was quite good, and the highs were smooth and forgiving. We thought we could wrestle a little more air and detail out of them without making them dry, hard or edgy sounding. The results of  months of research have helped us reach our goals, and now we present to you the Dark Energy S2.

The S2 preserves all of those things we loved about the original Dark Energy, but with more air, extension, detail and bass slam. The addition of new wire, the ETI Kryo connectors, and our Super Sonic Tonic formlula have pushed the performance/vallue envelope even further. The S2 seems to achieve the impossible. They are now a music AND detail lovers cable.


Duelund Wire

The wire itself is a bit unorthodox in this day and age of ultra pure, single crystal OCC wire. It is a blend of silver wire, and tinned copper wire. Both are then jacketed in a proprietary oil soaked cotton, then heat treated to "bake" the oil into the cotton jacketing. This jacketing is very low dialectric since it is cotton, and the oil makes it immune to static charges. The wire combination delivers a very rich, tonally dense musical performance, well beyond it's price point and surprising in light of the fact that it is not at least touted as hyper pure single crystal wire.

Super Sonic Tonic

The addition of Super Sonic Tonic to the inside of the connectors, creating a mechanically stable, electronically optimized environment for signal transmission right at the solder joint. The solder joint is an area of chaos for electrons. It's also a vulnerable location where noise can enter in to the signal path. With Super Sonic Tonic embedded in a vibration damping epoxy, you get shielding and signal transmission optimization in one material. It makes a huge difference in the phase coherance, low level detail and overall musicality of the listening experience. 

ETI Kryo Connectors

We were stunned by the improvements wrought by these connectors. The level of low level detail they brought out of the package was surprising. They are difficult to work with especially when integrating our Super Sonic Tonic, but worth the pain.  They are simply the best RCA style connectors available, and worth the extra cost.

Dark Energy S2

The ETI Research Kryo RCA Connector is made from Tellurium Copper and Silver Plated for not only superior conductivity but long lasting durability. The Housing is made from Brass for superior vibration damping and high EMI/RF noise rejection. As a final touch, Cryogenic treatment in the USA to a specific formula is then applied to each connector.

This combination of high quality materials and specialised cryogenic treatment all add up to a superior RCA Connector designed for use by manufacturers and Consumers to enhance the range of audio cables by allowing the signal to come through with a minimum amount of alteration.

Try Them!  

I know I know, you've heard this before, only to have your expectations unmet by the actual performance. That is why we will offer you an in home audition  Dark Energy cables so that you can come to your own conclusion on our statement. That's right, borrow the Dark Energy interconnects to evaluate in your own system.

How Do I Get An In-Home Audition?

It starts by contacting us. We will have a brief conversation about your audio system, then will need to collect the following information:

  • Name and address
  • credit card (for security purposes) - We will not charge your card initially. We put a hold on the funds to secure our investment. A hold is not a charge, and it does not accrue interest. It merely protects us from shenanigens...

What will I hear?

The first thing you will notice is the rich, dense, wide and deep soundstage. You will be immersed in the recording space. You will feel the energy and emotion of the music pouring out of your system. Your toes may tap, heck you may even relax and just let the music take you. Other things you might here include: 

  • Dynamics - Dynamic attack is vivid, real, without sounding hard
  • Vocals - Oh the vocals. One of this cables's stronger abilities. You can feel the emotion in the vocals, male or female. Silkiness, inflections and the subtle textures that give one goosebumps.
  • Bass - bass is powerful, harmonically rich (especially acoustic bass) deep and quick.
  • Textures - Another strong suit of these cables. Subtle textures that take musical playback from hifi to "holy shit" are there, and audible without straining to hear.
  • Phase information - Phase information is presented in more detail. Close harmonic structures are more distinct, yet presented as an organic whole. Reverb comes through more clearly, and the sense of acoustic space is fantastic.
  • Energy - The Gestalt of the Dark Matter cables can be summed up in that it helps components capture and recreate the energy and emotion of the performance like no other cord in it's price range.

If you love musical, layered, warm, rich midrange, delicate highs, and a huge, 3 dimensional soundstage, you need to audition the Dark Matter cables! Contact us to make this happen!

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