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Dark Matter Technologies Mandala 2

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Product Description

Dark Matter Technologies Mandala 2

Audio Tweak

Smaller, more powerful and more affordable.

We've been busy. We never stop trying to improve our products, and we've managed to improve upon the original Mandala XL. Meet the Mandala 2. It's much smaller, and yet packs twice the power of the Mandala XL. 

dmt mandala 2

Significant Improvements in Resolution, Dynamics & Tone

The Mandala 2 is the most powerful Dark Matter object made to date. Measuring 2 1/8" inches in diameter and 3/4 inches thick, it is absolutely loaded with Dark Matter Technology. In fact, there is MORE Dark Matter Technology packed into the Mandala 2 than the larger Mandala XL. About twice as much. The Mandala 2 is a very versatile device. It works on power supplies, crossovers, on loudspeakers, and in the room. It is also compatible with the  Bybee iQSE, and Bybee V2.  All DMT products are activated by using the energy of EMI and RFI to convert the polarity of signal and power carrying protons and electrons. This reduces noise and increases efficiency of the component. This technology is not necessarily new, but the application to audio certainly is. Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spintronics are two fields where similar principles are applied.

What You Can Expect To Hear

Like other DMT products, you can expect to hear More liquidity, denser, richer and more dynamic images in a soundstage that not only expands beyond the width of the speakers, but beyond the boundaries of the room itself. Vocals and guitars are simply glorious with rich presence, texture and dynamic jump factor. Bass, depth, dynamics and tunefulness are greatly improved as well. Complex harmonies and instrumental arrangements are clearer and more distinct, but in a very natural way.

On Components

We like to place the Mandala 2 over power supplies, or on top of the power cord as it enters the component. On DACs, Music servers, hard disks, and streamers it works especially well.

On Loudspeakers

Place on crossovers if you have access to them, or place on the speakers themselves. We recommend trying them on the front baffle between the low/mid and high frequency drivers, or place them on top of the speaker. You will immediately notice more low level detail and a richer sonic presentation.

In the Room

These work well in the room too. Here we pair them up with the Bybee iQSE or Bybee V2. Try just one pairing centered on the wall behind the speakers at about 48" off the floor. Notice how the center image fills in with richer detail and more depth. Now try another pairing behind the listening position.  This one is higher up on the wall, or if you don't have a wall behind your listening position place it on the ceiling. Notice how the soundstage is now pulled out in to the room. Finally place 2 more on each side wall at about 48" off the floor. BOOM, the soundstage just blossomed and now you are immersed in the music.

Pictured Above: DMT Qubes around drivers & a DMT Mandala II on top of the speaker. This is incredible!


The Dark Matter Technologies family of passive products. DMT Dots, QubeWallflower and in the background the Mandala.

Customer Testimonials

 "Like every audiophile I have been peeking in every corner to find tweeks to help me get better sound.  I currently have Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancer, Fuses, Power Cords, Speaker Wire, Sonic Tonic (4) and DMT Dots (4).  The DMT Dots were especially helpful at dropping the noise floor and helping to clean the rough edges of the sound.  Based upon my success with the DMT Dots I decided to try the DMT Mandala.  The most obvious placement in my system was on top of my preamp, which meant it was directly below the power supply for my preamp.  Before I listened I let the Mandala warm up for 24 hours.  After that I sat down to listen.  I wasn’t sure I would get much based upon everything else that I have, but I was soon surprised.  My first reaction was how more alive the music sounded.  It was as if the musicians had jumped out of my speakers and were now sitting in my room.  The noise floor had dropped even further and more of the digital hash was gone.  I can’t tell you how happy I was with this new tweak.  My recommendation to everyone is to get one and try for yourself.  You too will be amazed and your ears will thank you :)" - DS, Colorado


  • Dark Matter takes a good 24 hours to fully charge when placed in a system or room. You may hear an immediate change. It may be good, or it may not initially. Leave the Dark Matter in place for 24 hours before critically evaluating. Likewise, when you remove the Dark Matter, time is needed for it's effect to dissipate.
  • The best way to evaluate Dark Matter products is to place them, let them settle in for 24 hours, leave them in place for several days while you listen to fully acclimate to their effects, remove them, allow the effect to dissipate over several hours and listen to your system again. 
  • Placement on isolation transformers offers spectacular results
  • Fantastic with video as well

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We understand that this product is unconventional, and not inexpensive. We want you to try Dark Matter Technologies because we believe they will greatly improve your listening experience. Therefore, to make the proposition less risky for you, we at Tweek Geek stand behind this product and our claims with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don't love it, send it back within 30-days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price.

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