dmt audio tweaksDark Matter Technologies

Audio - Video - Electronic System Enhancement

Dark Matter Technologies is the culmination of our own research and collaborative efforts with many great industry minds. Many have contributed to this unique line of audio tweaks whose benefits may well extend beyond the hobby. Certainly the materials involved are being used in magnetic resonance imaging, nano electronics, aerospace, computing, video, automotive, etc. But not quite in the way Dark Matter Tech has used them. The bottom line is these products work to make audio cables, components, even the listening environment sound better. Is it noise reduction, is it signal enhancement, or perhaps both? We have ideas as to why they work, but don't want to risk sounding "full o' shite" so to speak. Until we can get a day in the lab at Lawrence Livermore or CERN, we probably will never know what exactly these materials are doing. But our ears and the ears of our customers tell us that something very special is happening when we add Dark Matter to our systems and listening environments. 

We encourage you to try Dark Matter Dots, Qubes, Wallfowers, Magic Makers and Mandalas and see how it changes your listening experience. We stand behind our products with a 30 day money back guarantee.