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Diapason Adamantes III - $5490 Pair

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Product Description

Diapason Adamantes III

Italian Craftsmanship and Love of Music Embodied in a Loudspeaker

"There’s simply no artifice or effort, period. I’d go as far as calling the Diapason a relaxation-inducing monitor." - Sixmoons

Diapason of Italy

The basic concept of Diapason speakers springs from Italian history, culture, craftsmanship and from the passion of its founder: Alessandro Schiavi.

Alessandro SchiaviAllesandro Schiavi

Alessandro Schiavi is the owner and founder of Diapason loudspeakers Born in Udine, Italy, he studied piano as well as organ composition at Conservatory music school, where his love of music was discovered. His thirst for knowledge expanded to electrical engineering at a young age as well, and in his late teen years he worked as a recording engineer for the archives of the International Piano Festival of Brescia and Bergamo. Working as a recording engineer, he found his tools, namely monitors, lacking. He became filled with a desire to master with his own—read, better—location monitors.

Early Monitors

The luthier's art inspired Schiavi’s vision of how to design and build a loudspeaker, bringing together the experience gained in the field of music from years of studying piano and his work in recording studios with solo artists, chamber and symphonic orchestras. His skill in faithfully capturing and recording live music in three dimensional space led to the development of the first speaker by Diapason, a reference monitor designed for use in Schiavi’s own live recordings. His successes in designing reference recording monitors attracted attention from many in the industry, and thus Diapason loudspeakers was born. 

Thanks to Schiavi’s knowledge and experience, Diapason speakers are able to convey the emotional involvement of the live performance; and to recreate the full spectrum of information recorded during the musical event with a three-dimensional soundstage and natural character. Having ears tuned by live music, by the sound of the piano that he used to play and by the instruments and voices that he used to record provided for Alessandro Schiavi a unique advantage in designing loudspeakers that possess the soul of musical instruments.

"The Adamante simply disappears from the equation. To the extent she does is truly beyond most loudspeakers. On soundstaging, this Diapason explores new vistas. Yet despite the ultra-transparent PanaVision spread, voices and instruments retain their natural body and don't default into angular etched outlines. " - Sixmoons

Adamantes III

adamantes iii 25thThe Adamante sits in the middle but is perhaps the most mature of the Diapason speaker line. It's been in the lineup for 20 years. It is an utterly stunning acheivement in musical reproduction. Hand crafted from a solid piece of Canaletto Walnut, and featuring proprietary SEAS drivers matched to within 1%.

Diapason Direct Drive Technology

The 6.75" main driver is a directly coupled woofer without crossover. Allowing for unfettered, pure and direct signal transfer. Schiavi cites three advantages to Direct Drive Tech – audibly higher transient fidelity, lower sensitivity losses and the absence of passive filter phase shifts.

This technology is one of the main reasons why we chose to carry the Adamantes III speaker. When you hear a driver that is directly coupled to an amplifier, not going through any crossovers, inductors or resistors, you immediately know why the designer went to the trouble of designing a driver that can operate without filtering. There is a purity, especially to complex harmonic structures, that is much closer to live music than anything else.

Easy to Drive

Sensitivity is relatively high for a monitor at 91 dB with a nominal 6 ohm impedence, dropping to 3.4 ohms at 200 hz. This makes the Adamantes III play well with any amplifier. It's sensitivity and minimalist crossover also mean that it will present all of the nuance, color, dynamics and tone of whatever music they are fed.

Their sound is neutral and transparent with a finely detailed and refined midrange. Lacquer finish is standard. Matching iron and wood stands bolt to the speakers. A special hand rubbed and very labor intensive oil finish is available with matching stands.

Solid Wood Enclosures

Diapason Adamantes 3

The beautifully faceted (16 facets in all) walnut enclosures are constructed more like musical instruments than the standard speaker box. The facets achieve 2 objectives, varying the thickness, and therefore the resonant frequency of the enclosure, and reducing the diffraction effects of the tranducers' wave propagation. Bottom line: Less sonic signature from the enclosure and more direct point-source radiation.

Besides its resonant behavior, Walnut has an advantage over other woods when properly cured. It retains less moisture. Since wood lives, subsequent expansion and contraction is common but to be avoided in a speaker lest it develop cracks. Diapason’s track record is clean. They purchase only wood properly cured over 20 years and add two more years in their own shop just to be sure no moisture remains.



  • 2 way rear ported monitor
  • 40 Hz - 20 kHz (+/- 3 dB)
  • 6.75" Direct Drive polymetilpentene bass/midrange driver
  • 1" treated silk soft dome tweeter
  • Sensitivity: 91 dB/W/m
  • Crossover: 4.60 kHz
  • Nominal Impedence: 6 Ohm
  • Minimum Impedence: 3.4 Ohm/200 Hz
  • Dimensions: 14.5" high x 9.5" wide x 14" deep
  • Finish: Canaletto Walnut
  • Weight: 18 pounds each

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