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DMT Cable Wraps


What happens when you place our nano-crystal formula DMT inside a hollow, flexible tube and wrap it around audio cables? Magic!

DMT Cable Wraps are designed to be wrapped around your existing power, interconnect and speaker cables. The noise reduction and signal enhancing properties of our nano crystalline DMT will take the performance of your existing audio cables to another level. 

It took us over a decade and tens of thousands of dollars invested to perfect the formula for DMT.  We have tried quartz, tourmaline, malachite, graphene and countless other materials that claim to reduce noise/enhance sound in one way or another and, they all did something. But that something wasn't making sound reproduction better. DMT is different. Completely different in it's effect. No I am not going to bullshit you with explanations of quantum resonance or harmonic dissonance. I have researched, and have seen references made to some of the materials in DMT used in imaging and very recently in transistor design. But not because they make things sound better. It's more of a side benefit that nobody has noticed or cared about. But it exists.


How To Implement DMT Cable Wraps On Your Cables

Simply spiral the flexible DMT Cable Wrap a few times around your interconnect, power cord or speaker cables and fasten them securely with the supplied velcro straps. If you want a more permanent solution, zip ties are a great way to affix a cable wrap forever. The Wraps are not particularly heavy, a 3 foot wrap is under 4 ounces.

Creative Uses

  • Feel free to use more than one Wrap on a cable, either to give more coverage length-wise or circumference-wise. The effect is additive.
  • Coil the wrap and place on top of components.
  • Place inside a power distributor by snaking the flexible wrap around the inside. Always be careful of heat generation of internal parts. Power conditioners normally don't have any, but you never know.

Break In & Discharge Of The Effect

You may or may not hear effect of the wraps immediately. They may immediately sound great, or not so good. We recommend leaving the Wraps in place for 24 hours before analyzing their impact. Additionally, when removing the wraps for the purposes of comparison, it will take at least 1 hour for the effect to diminish.


What You Will Most Likely Hear

The musical presentation will relax, the soundstage will expand in all directions, and there will be a dramatic increase in low level resolution. Many fine details will emerge from familiar music that you will not have noticed before. Unshielded cables will benefit far more with DMT Cable Wraps, but even shielded cables will have benefits worthy of the price. Especially power cords.

For Video Enthusiasts: What You Will See

On high definition video, expect to see better, deeper color saturation, finer details, reflections, patterns in fabrics, and ultra fine detail will pop. We recommend wrapping the power cord your television was supplied with for starters.



We challenge you to try the DMT Cable wraps with our in-home audition program. We will lend you up to 6 DMT Wraps for up to 10 days. Decide for yourself, through your own listening and viewing experience whether or not they work for you in your system. In addition, we also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Look, we've been around for nearly 20 years offering all manner of tweaks and accessories. We recognize that not all tweaks work the same in every system. There is a chance that they may not do anything, or they may negatively impact your system. They are tweaks after all and there always exists a possibility it won't work for you. We get that. That is why we want you to try them in your system, hearing them with your ears before passing judgement. We do our best to make that as easy as possible. 

That being said we are confident that at least one component, one cable in your system will benefit from a DMT cable wrap. Curious? Send us an email and line up an in-home audition.