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Dark Matter Technology Dots - Closeout

$99.00 $69.00
(You save $30.00)

Product Description

Dark Matter Technologies Dots

Foundational Product That Removes Audio/Video Noise, Adds Clarity & Improves Timing

We are Closing Out the remainder of our DMT Dot stock, as we will be discontinuing them. All other Dark Matter Technologies products will still be available.


Sonic Tonic is now Dark Matter Technologies

Just to preempt any confusion, we have discovered that Sonic Tonic has many more uses than audio. It works on video, computers, and automobiles. The name Sonic Tonic was just too one dimensional for what this product actually does to enhance performance of many types of electronics. So we came up with a broader based brand name so the products would not be pigeon holed as an "audio only" tweak.

10 Years In The Making

DMT Dots are the culmination of over 10 years research into materials like crystals and their effects on sound when placed on components or in the listening environment. Over the years we have found that most materials that do have an effect on the sonic presentation usually excite the high frequencies. While initially producing a "wow" effect, the sound quickly becomes fatiguing and bright. Sonic Tonic 2 affects the sonic spectrum from upper bass to the extreme high frequencies. Improving imaging, resolution and (to our ears) the timing of the signals arriving at your ears. How?  Our theory is it is activated by all of the Radio Frequency energy that is so plentiful in the environment. It doesn't necessarily block it, but uses RF to power and produce it's effect. It is unconventional to say the least. That is why we back it with our 30 day money back guarantee. If you try it and don't love it, send it back for a refund.

What are DMT Dots?

The Dots are the result of years of collaboration with my Tweak "Gurus", endless curiosity and dogged determination. Inside each DMT Dot is a blend of materials solidified in epoxy that together are activated by radio frequency energy. Once activated, they work to reduce noise and distortion caused by high RF, eddy currents, and hysteresis.


It has taken years of testing to get to this. Other similar products may "wow" with an initial sensation of more detail and resolution. Only to disappoint over time by causing excessive brightness, ringing ears or other listener related fatigue. Not so with Sonic Tonic.

Foundational Product, Not Just A Tweek: Here's Why

DMT Dots eliminate noise and conditions signal like no other product we know exists. Conventional or unconventional. Customer after customer who believed their audio or video system was fully "maxed out" with proper dedicated AC lines, power conditioning, room treatment, speaker optimization, etc. Have found continuous additional benefits when DMT Dots were added to their already optimized systems.

On Video

For you videophiles, DMT Dots may actually be more effective than on Audio. Turning the viewing experience from one of staring at a screen to more of looking through a window. Reflections on water, in eyes, and small objects become clearer and more realistic. Notice fine detail on skin and clothing fabric. Most of all, be more immersed in the viewing experience. We guarantee it.

Tweek Geek Speek Blog on DMT Dots

But don't just take my word for it, see what actual users of DMT Dots are saying.

Testimonials & Reviews

5-stars.jpgTentative Conclusions.

  1. It took 32 separate dots (plus your gift and the two prototypes) added to my system before the improvements slowed down. I did not say stopped! I said, slowed down. There may be further gains possible...
  2. The Group B videos permit me to compare picture quality before all the tweeks I made plus the  Sonic Tonic with picture quality after I threw everything I had at the challenge. The difference is  jaw dropping.

with the latest addition of Sonic Tonic I am now able to see film grain for the first time. 

Earlier tonight. I  watched the Criterion collection’s remastered, Blu-Ray of my favorite comedy,  “Dr. Strangelove”. A movie I have bought and re- bought as VHS gave way to Laser Disc, which gave way to  Dvd which was was replaced by Blu-Ray. Initial studio releases were superseded by 2K remasters which were then bested by 4K scans of original picture elements under the direction of the original photographer or director. 
I have owned them all. 
Tonight, when I watched Dr. Strangelove,  I finally saw film grain. Just as I would have when I first saw Dr.Strangelove in a theater. 
I can still remember how dazzled I was on that cold Chicago night in 1967,  when saw it for the first time, on a date with my college dream girl. 
Thanks, for making that time travel trip possible.
5-stars.jpg I want to congratulate you for your Sonic Tonic creation.   I have a set of them in my system for a week now.  I place one on each connector of two of my power cords.  I can summarize the extent of improvement to my system is similar to what happened when I upgraded my power conditioner and power cords couple years ago.  This is quite amazing considering that the Sonic Tonic costs only a small fraction of a power conditioner and power cord upgrade.
I will point out the most notable improvements that I am hearing.  The bass is deeper, better defined and with a fuller body.  Soundstage becomes more three dimensional with more air surrounding the instruments.  Rhythm and pacing are more incisive with more organic musical flow.  Music nuances are more readily audible.   The results are quite remarkable for such an inexpensive tweak.   Bravo indeed! - Philip H.

5-stars.jpgAfter installing the Sonic Tonic in my system (very easy), I have the following impressions:

  • The sound is much more revealing due to the lowered noise floor.  When distortion is reduced, the inner details are readily heard.  And, a bonus, the volume sounds louder even though I am using the same volume setting as before!  
  • Vocals are greatly improved.  The intelligibility of lyrics is much better  -  vocals sound more natural.  
  • Electric guitar is filled with greater textures and beauty  -  more purity, less glare.  Some climactic passages are downright majestic!
  • I am hearing detail in the bass (which is prodigious) that I didn't know existed.  What fun!  
  • The highs have this nice "sparkle" that I find pleasurable (and natural to their instrument  -  cymbals, bells,chimes).
  • The Sonic Tonic renders complex musical passages easy to follow.  
  • Orchestral music is more lifelike and emotionally impactful.  
  • I now have an "endless soundstage."  No walls  -  just sound beyond my room's limits.  Who knew? - Chris S., Sacremento, CA


5-stars.jpg I hate and love you all at the same time! Holy shit! You've sent me a bunch of stuff over the years but this stuff takes the cake! I thought it was me being tired last night but today the same magic! For the first time ever my digital sounds almost as good as my vinyl! Well played sir! You know the drill, send me an invoice! - RM, Arizona


5-stars.jpg Many tweaks help but Sonic Tonic = Kapow! Really good stuff Mike thank you. George.W., Des Moines, IA


5-stars.jpg I hate it when you buy a tweek and have to work to here a difference. Well that is not a problem with Sonic Tonic. The music is more dynamic yet smoother at the same time. Better bass with more punch and the highs are much more clear without being shrill. - Rick Z Renwick Ia.


5-stars.jpg I placed the Sonic Tonics on the power cable connections on my amp, preamp, power conditioner and music server. I let everything properly warm-up, listened to a number of tracks without the Sonic Tonics and then the same tracks with the Sonic Tonics. There is no doubt the soundstage was more realistic and the overall musicality of my system improved. The sound simply relaxed a little and was more natural. Your price makes these an excellent value and can easily be recommended!  - Scott B.

5-stars.jpg I don't know what's inside these bottles, but they do positive things to the sound in my room.  I've only spent a few hours with my four bottles of sonic tonic, but I found a few spots that enhanced the presence of the vocalists and the overall soundstage and layering of the presentation... These sonic tonic bottles are worth more than $100 in terms of the effect on my system.  A terrific bargin!  Wowie Zowie! - Nelson S.

5-stars.jpg It was immediately clear that these little jugs had a significant impact on the sound of my system. They quickly created more oomph and impact, with crisper edges and delineation of voices. However, for the first 6 hours or so these benefits came with an increased hardness and glassiness. 
Per your own experience, I too found the negative effects to fade completely between 24 and 36 hours. 
What remained were the following:
  1. Greater slam and drive
  2. Noticeably greater weight in the bass, most noticeably in the lower registers of piano
  3. Clearer articulation of individual musical lines and voices
  4. Stronger representation of the distinct individual timbres and colors of different instruments
  5. Greater snap on snare drums
  6. More realistic sounds of cymbals
  7. A generally more impactful, much more lifelike presentation of the music
5-stars.jpg Amazing benefits for such an inexpensive and nonintrusive tweak! - Solomon G. 

5-stars.jpg Sonic Tonic works crazy magic in my all tube system.
How? It multiplies everything that is great about my SET system, makes me listen longer, and makes me want to listen more often, with no downsides.
20 bottles are spread between my SACD player, next to my speakers crossovers, and inside my amp. Every addition has yielded greater bass clarity, increased low level detail, and more musicality.
Experimentation is the key: there was greater impact for me on the inside the electronics, next to tubes, etc, than on the cords. Cap down works better than cap up for me. Who knew?
As Mike will tell you I send most tweaks back. With Sonic Tonic I just keep sending for more. When a tweak is inexpensive, effective, and unobtrusive, what's not to like?

5-stars.jpgThank you Mr. Garner, you hit it out of the park! - G. Wilson

I am enjoying the use of your Sonic Tonic (ST) product with my modest home theater system, WOW!
5-stars.jpg  Here is what I have heard/noticed.
  • The sound stage is a lot larger left to right, and is much deeper. 
  • Vocals sound more like I am at the venue.  This goes for instruments too.
  • Cymbals and triangles are really crisp and clean sounding with WONDERFUL decay of the sound.
  • Tambourines sound much cleaner (the “zils” sound more realistic).
  • Xylophones sound GREAT (the sound of the wood keys is so much more realistic).
  • Bass is much more tuneful and tight with sound of the drum head coming through more clearly.
  • The STs really open up the sound of string instruments. The instrument’s body as well as the strings can be heard more clearly.
  • The STs really improve the sound SACDs, the sound is way more spacious.
  • The STs just make the music much more MUSICAL.

- Ralph C.


The Dark Matter Technologies family of passive products. DMT Dots, Qube, Wallflower and in the background the Mandala.

How To Use DMT Dots

Sonic Tonic comes packaged with a non marking, non damaging removeable putty similar to Blu-Tak. Simply place a small dot of the putty on a "Dot" of DMT Dots and attach to:

  • Interconnect terminations
  • Speaker cable terminations
  • Power cable terminations
  • On top of components near power supplies
  • On wall receptacles
  • On the outside of circuit breaker panels

Anywhere there is a source of electromagnetic energy. The cable terminations are best as that is where there tends to be a larger amount of stray energy there due to the discontinuity of metal at the connection.

NOTE: Due to the lower electromagnetic fields within/around interconnects and speaker cables, the Sonic Tonic Will take longer to charge than on cables with larger EM fields, such as power cords.

What Will I Hear?

  1. Clarity from top to bottom. More defined bass, clarity in the midrange and transparency in the high frequencies. Everything is cleaner and more detailed, without altering tone.

  2. Vocals and solo instruments: Gorgeous vocals, more texture and naturalness. Solo instruments have more transient attack, and dynamic jump factor.

  3. Soundstage: Width and depth are improved. Air, space and decay are improved as well.

  4. Musicality: Improvements in naturalness, ease and flow. Textures are more readily audible, subtleties that make the music more "real" emerge with less effort. All of this while preserving tone.

What Does $89 Get Me?

DMT Dots come packaged with:

  • 4 DMT Dots "Dots" - enough to do 2 interconnects, speaker cables or power cords
  • A non marking, non damaging removeable putty similar to Blu-Tak

Some Cautions

  • DMT Dots are not meant for human, animal or other sentient being consumption (duh)
  • They is HIGHLY addictive
  • Be careful with Blue Tack placement on tech-flex.  Over time, the blue tack will work down into the tech-flex and will leave very obvious marks that cannot be removed.  Summer heat speeds the process.  Blue Tack is fine on nearly all plugs/connectors and any solid surfaces.

Tips for use

  • DMT Dots may have an immediate effect when used on high energy sources like power cords and power supplies, but for lower energy sources it can take an hour for it to "charge". From there, imporovements can be heard over the subsequent 24 hour period.
  • Likewise removing DMT Dots does not immediately remove the effect. It usually takes a few minutes (like 20) to dissipate. For that reason we test effectiveness by inserting it into the system, short term listening, then leaving the system powered and exiting the room for 12 or so hours. We then come back to do more extensive listening, remove the Sonic Tonic 2, and come back a little later to listen again. This is when we usually notice the change.


Product Reviews

Write Review

  1. Everyone needs to try these things! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jun 2018

    This review applies to all three of the new DMT products: the Magic Maker, the Wallflower and the Dots. They are one of those rare tweeks that imparts no sound of its own but simply makes a truly dramatic improvement in every possible area you’d care to mention: timbre, timing, imaging, soundstage, dynamics, etc. The effect increases when you start adding the passive components like the Wallflowers and Dots to the active Magic Makers; the room really does start to disappear and images become very palpable with a heightened sense of engagement with the performance. And put the Dots on the ends of all your power cords and interconnects if you want another pleasant surprise! Please note that these products take 24 hours in my experience to reach full effect. All three products represent a tremendous bargain, in my opinion. (Warning: these are extremely addictive!!)

  2. Music in its purest form finally unleashed! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Dec 2017

    Simply outstanding the difference that these small sonic tonic bottles make to what you listen. I first ordered just 2 sets... now I have about 30 of them securely installed throughout my audio system! The product ticks all the right boxes in practically every aspect of audiophile delivery!

    Great job, guys - hearty congratulations on a revolutionary product that really makes a powerful discernible difference!

  3. Sonic Tonic 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Aug 2017

    Well I first tried the 4 bottles offer, placed them on some IEC's and was impressed.
    More dynamics, soundstage and the power level seemed to increase.
    So, I ordered 16 more! I now have 20 of these bottles. I have now experimented with audio and video placement. All places showed improvements.
    But my most recent placement was on the speaker binding posts lodged in between the speaker lugs.
    Wow! what an improvement!
    This is the best tweak bang for the buck that I have experienced.

    ozzy (On Audiogon)

  4. Who Knew 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jun 2017

    Who knew the little blue bottles filled with magical substance could change the quality of the sound just by sitting on cords and IC's? They had the most obvious affect on my Apex Volcano headamp and Sony SACD combo. On an older CD (Perahia , Mozart Piano Concertos #19 & 22) they removed much of the digital hash producing a smoother richer treble. On SACD's they seemed to flesh out the tone, again by removing what had been imperceptible noise.

    The results on my main rig was less impressive. On the NVS power cords and Atsah amps (both recommended by Mike) they had no perceptible effects. On the IC's from the Cary preamp they had a more subtle fleshing out effect noticed with SACDs and headgear. Piano on Alain Toiussaint's American Tunes stood out more and the treble was a smidgen less harsh. With Gergiev's Brahms symphonies on SACD they provided a more plangent thrust to the music.

    I suspect if you have younger ears than mine, you will be able to discern greater differences though even to my ears these little bottles are definitely worth it.

  5. Very powerful tweak 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Jun 2017

    Don't let the diminutive size of these bottles fool you - these jars pack a wollop! They can add much greater dynamism and clarity, making the performance feel more alive.
    However, you must be ready to experiment! The ideal number and location will vary considerably, especially if you have already employed magnet/crystal/resonance tweaks in your system. But if you trust your ears and are flexible, great rewards await you.
    In my system I have one on a power cord, one near a component, and one on a shelf 8 feet from my components - but the last one has a great effect once the exact spot for it was located.
    Follow your ears and experiment, and wonderful improvements await you!

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