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Dark Matter Technologies Wallflower - Priced each

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Product Description

Dark Matter Technologies Wallflower

Audiophile Tweak

Supercharged Formula


Sonic Tonic is now Dark Matter Technologies

Just to preempt any confusion, we have discovered that Sonic Tonic has many more uses than audio. It works on video, computers, and automobiles (so far). The name Sonic Tonic was just too one dimensional for what this product actually does to enhance performance of many types of electronics. So we came up with a broader based brand name so the products would not be pigeon holed as an "audio only" tweak. 


10 Years In The Making

"Dark Matter" is the continuation of over 10 years research into materials like crystals and their effects on sound when placed on components or in the listening environment. Over the years we have found that most materials that do have an effect on the sonic presentation usually excite the high frequencies. While initially producing a "wow" effect, the sound quickly becomes fatiguing and bright. Sonic Tonic 2 affects the sonic spectrum from upper bass to the extreme high frequencies. Improving imaging, resolution and (to our ears) the timing of the signals arriving at your ears. How?  Our theory is it is activated by all of the Radio Frequency energy that is so plentiful in the environment. It doesn't necessarily block it, but uses RF to power and produce it's effect. It is unconventional to say the least. That is why we back it with our 30 day money back guarantee. If you try it and don't love it, send it back for a refund.

Powerful, Versatile & Beautiful

If you are familiar with Sonic Tonic or Sonic Tonic II, the DMT Wallflower needs no introduction. This is the slightly different, way more powerful big brother to the DMT Dots and DMT Qube. It is so powerful that, aside from using on components and cables,  When used with the DMT Magic Makers, it has a powerful effect the soundstage and resolution of an audio system in a very positive way when properly placed in one's listening environment.. A room conditioner if you will...

New Design Improvements More Than Skin Deep

The new design is an epoxy disk, approximately 5/16" high x 2 1/8" diameter. It the equivalent of two sets of "Dark Matter" Dot material inside, plus THREE additional ingredients that enhance transparency of the high frequencies even further. 

The thinner profile also means easier placement underneath components and in tight spaces. Did we mention they also look really cool?


The Dark Matter Technologies family of passive products. DMT Dots, QubeWallflower and in the background the Mandala.

Customers Say: 

5-stars.jpg"I am using the Tweek Geek Wallflowers as room treatments  -  a kind of room neutralizer in effect.
After experimenting with various locations, I found the best spots to place my two Wallflowers.  For me, it was between the speakers for one and behind me (centered) for the other.  Every room is different so placement can vary from room to room.  You may prefer them on the side walls.  I placed one about 5 inches above ear-level and the other about 5 inches below ear-level.  Higher placement will affect the mids and highs more.  A lower placement will affect the mids and bass more  -  experiment! 
These babies are pretty powerful.  They produced better resolution and better density of images.  Note:  They take a day or so to "settle" into the room/system before they sound their best.  Be patient.  The payoff is worth it." - Chris S., California

5-stars.jpgTweek Geek has done it again with the SST (Super Sonic Tonic)!I am a big fan of the ST (Sonic Tonic). I have been using 6 sets of ST in my AV system and desktop system. They work ‘magic’ on my circuit breaker box, power cords, power conditioner and power supplies. The ST is a most cost effective tweek for both audio and video.

The SST complements the ST and takes my AV system to a new level of enjoyment. I use 3 of them in my AV system. I place one on the crossover and next to the binding posts of my center speaker, the other two on the walls slightly behind my left and right speakers and about 15” from the floor. I prefer them behind and close to the floor instead of being in front of the speakers. I find the overall sound to be warmer in those positions.

I noted 3 significant areas of improvement:

1. Spatial dimensions – the soundstage expands in all 5 directions: front, back, left, right and height. The music propels forward into the room just like live music. The whole soundstage is more immersive, creating a more realistic illusion of the live event in my room.

2. Textures – Density and colors are the words that keep coming to mind during my listening. Instruments and voices have full, rounded bodies like in live music, and are much more physical and present.

3. Resolution – Previously unintelligible movie dialogues are now discernable (helped by the SST on my center speaker’s crossover). Low level details are much more apparent. Location of instruments and voices are more clearly delineated.

Impressed I am! Highly recommended!

5-stars.jpg"No doubt that they work effectively! I had a chance to try them on my system this past weekend. At first, I did not think they were going to add much more resolution/clarity to my main rig considering that I already had a substantial quantity of Bybee & Walker Audio tweaks on my main rig. To my amazement, they were able to able to further enhance/extract more musical details in the background. Now, it is just a matter of how many to use before the body and warmth get overwhelmed by the much more pronounced background instruments." - J. Wu

5-stars.jpgThey add realism; more PRAT ( Pace Rhythm and Timing ) Better liquidity & less haze. More details without highlighting areas. Dense and dynamic images are more easly followed in the soundstage. Vocals  and instruments are simply more "there", more natural sounding and natural presence; better texture and dynamics. Bass more defined, soundstage wide and depth improved. And my right foot never lies; it was moving more than usual when the Super Sonic Tonic are in the setup. Highly recommended. - M. Ibenhard

5-stars.jpg "I have them sitting on top of the TV between the speakers and the other one attached to the ceiling above my listening psotion...
...The effects were immediate: enhanced separation and delineation, enhanced clarity and crispness, enhanced sense of space and a dramatic overall improvement in integration now that all the grunge and junk is wiped clean off the sonic landscape.  It's just so seamlessly clear, clean, crisp, pure and wholesome, the music just becomes alive -- very nice...  ...I can no longer bear listening to music without the SST." - K Kim


Using Kilz primer or paint designed to adhere to plastic, one can paint their Wallflowers to better suit their visual impact on their environment.

Wallflower painted dark gray.

What you will hear

More liquidity. Dense, rich and dynamic images in a soundstage that not only expands beyond the width of the speakers, but beyond the boundaries of the room itself. Vocals and guitars are simply glorious with rich presence, texture and dynamic jump factor. Bass, depth, dynamics and tunefulness are greatly improved as well. Complex harmonies and instrumental arrangements are clearer and more distinct, but in a very natural way.


If your sound is thin or lacking warmth, placement of SST Wallflowers about 18" from the ground will affect these frequencies greatest.

Wallflower Uses

  • As a room treatment (it is optimized for this use)
  • Place on top of components above power supply
  • Place on your breaker box
  • Place on speaker crossovers
  • Use on speaker binding posts
  • Super Sonic Tonic placed on the wall, used as a room treatment


  • 2 1/8 inches in diameter x 5/16 inches high


Q: Is The DMT Wallflower identical to the DMT Dots, just twice the material and in a pretty package?
A: No. The  DMT Wallflowers have the material of an 2 sets of Sonic Tonic (equal to 8 dots), plus additional materials not found in regular Sonic Tonic. These materials sonically add up to better performance in the bass frequencies, and more transparency in the mids and highs. They are clearer and more powerful in the low end.

Q: Do I need to start with a minimum of 3 placed in my room to hear an effect?
A: I would recommend starting with 3, but one should be able to hear a subtle difference with 2 placed  centered between your speakers on the wall behind them. This will give a better sense of center image density and image placement.

Q: Will the Wallflowers work in all the places Sonic Tonic does?
A: Yes


Product Reviews

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  1. Addendum 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Aug 2018

    To add to my previous review: Mike (the Tweek Geek) had it right - touching copper to the Wallflowers makes them much more powerful! I don't know if the copper supercharges the Wallflower or the Wallflower supercharges the copper, but in either event the results are "all good."
    The more copper touching the Wallflowers, the better.

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