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DMT Wormhole Dot

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Product Description

Dark Matter Technologies Wormhole Dot - Priced each

More Powerful Wormhole Technology In A Smaller, More Attractive Package

Introductory Pricing

  • 4 Dots: $80 each, save $76
  • 8 Dots: $70 each, save $232
  • 12 Dots: $55 each, save $540

Read our experience with placing Dots on Tweek Geek Speek

The DMT Wormhole Dot is the result of a quite accidental breakthrough in our Dark Matter Technology we call "Wormhole". The Wormhole Dot takes what we learned from the Mandala II, and shrinks it down into a small, attractive device that is very versatile in it's placement. 

We really like the Wormhole Dot on loudspeakers. It is about 1/4 as powerful as a Bybee V2 when used as a room treatment, so placing many of these on the top, sides, and front baffle of a loudspeaker works wonders. They are not so strong as to place too much emphasis on the speaker location, but strong enough to enhance the resolution and "disappearing act" of the speakers, especially when used with V2's placed on the walls as room treatments.

Use Case 1: Combine with Bybee V2's As A Room Treatment

The Wormhole Dots are perfect enhancers to the Bybee V2's in treating the listening room. We place 3 V2's just above ear level, along the wall behind the speakers. Once centered between, and the other two to the outside of the speakers. We use 6 dot II's on the back wall, all placed above and below the V2 placement. 3 at ceiling height, 3 placed above the base boards.


In this photo, The X's refer to the Dot II placement, and the O's refer to V2 Placement

The placement along the wall behind the speakers is visually unobtrusive and yields excellent results. For the wall behind the listening position, only 6 Wormhole Dots are needed. 3 at ceiling height and 3 at the midpoint between the floor and ceiling. 

You can also improve soundstage width and height by placing dots along the side walls. In our room there are 4 dots total on the side walls. 2 about 5 feet off of the ground and about 2 feet in front of the front baffles of each speaker. The second set of 2 is about 6 feet off of the ground directly to the sides of the listening position.

Finally, the ceiling. Dots can be placed on the ceiling behind the listening position if the wall behind is more than 10 feet away. Placement here seems to bring height and an enveloping sensation to recordings that are in large spaces. 

Use Case 2: On Loudspeaker Enclosures

Place centered on the top of the loudspeaker enclosure

Place on the outside panels of your loudspeaker enclosures for a wider sonic soundstage. Centered between the high and mid drivers, between the front and rear edges.

Place on the inside panels of your loudspeaker enclosures for more center image fill. Centered between the high and mid drivers, between the front and rear edges.

Use Case 3: The Breaker Box

The DMT Wormhole Dots are small and thin enough to place inside a breaker box. Place one on the breaker supplying your audio system. If you want to take it further, place on the incoming mains breaker. If your system breaker is on a subpanel, placing one on the main panel breaker feeding the sub panel has a surprisingly powerful effect.

Use Case 4: Routers, Switches & Ethernet Cables

  • Place on the power cord feeding your router or switch.
  • Place on the ethernet connectors (both ends) at the router, switch, anywhere there is a connection.


Q: What is the Sonic/Application difference between the Wormhole Dot and the DMT Qube?

A: A great question, and one we are discovering more about every day. When applied within their respective use cases, they are sonically similar. Bringing more resolution, naturalness to the sound, and expansive soundstage. The Wormhole Dots appear to work best on AC power, Ethernet connections, and as a room treatment, preferably with the Bybee V2. The Qubes are less powerful, but more versatile. They work on signal wires, AC, and have a small impact as a room treatment.

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