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Wireworld Electra 7 Power Cord

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Wireworld Electra 7 Power Cord

12 AWG OCC Copper | Silver Clad Copper Connectors | Composilex 2 Insulation

Building on the unique advantages of Fluxfield Technology and OCC copper, Electra 7 audio power cord delivers dramatic improvements in clarity and image focus that can transform a great system into one that is truly exceptional.

Electra-7 Power Cord

Purely dynamic, designed to absorb noise and block interference, Wireworld’s innovative Fluxfield™ power cords have been upgraded to Series 7 with Composilex 2 insulation for surprisingly vivid sound and imaging. Unlike all other audiophile power cords, they were developed through direct comparisons to battery power, the ultimate in sonic and visual purity. Their elegant plugs feature silver-clad contacts, for the quietest and lowest loss connections available. The five models differ in their conductor material, as the smoother current flow of superior conductors provides additional improvements in sound and image quality.

Electra 7 Power Cord Features

  • 12 awg conductors
  • OCC copper
  • Composilex 2 Insulation
  • Silver clad copper contacts

electra 7 power cord