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  • Entreq Minimus - Special Order
  • Entreq Silver Minimus - Weight 2Kg  W 17cm - H 8cm - D 19cm
  • Entreq Silver Minimus Rear View
  • Entreq Tellus - Weight 15 Kg  W 43cm - H 12cm - D 31cm
  • Entreq Tellus Rear View
  • Silver Tellus - Weight 22 Kg  W 43cm - H 14cm - D 31cm
  • Silver Tellus Rear View
  • Entreq Atlantis Minimus - Weight 2Kg  W 17cm - H 8cm - D 19cm
  • Atlantis Tellus - Weight 22 Kg  W 43cm - H 14 cm - D 31cm
  • Atlantis Tellus Rear View
  • A Silver Minimus with an Atlantis Minimus attached. A single component would then be adjoined to the silver Minimus at the same point as the Silver Atlantis.
  • Entreq Olympus Minimus - Weight 9 Kg  W 22cm - H 14cm - D 25cm
  • Entreq Olympus Tellus - Weight 46 Kg  W 40cm - H 20cm - D 50cm
  • Entreq Poseidon -  Weight 32Kg  W 43cm - H 14cm - D 45cm
  • Entreq Poseidon - Rear View

Entreq Ground Boxes

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Product Description

Entreq Ground Boxes

Minimus, Silver Minimus, Tellus II, Silver Tellus - Call 303-653-6341 for a Consultation

The Entreq grounding boxes help to create an additional, local, consistently powerful ground for your audio components.

entreq tellus

Great Read: The Audiobeat review of the Entreq Grounding System


Because a proper clean ground is vital to actually realizing the potential performance of your audio system. 

The Entreq Concept

The easiest way of thinking about the Entreq boxes is to literally consider them a box of "ground". made up of  a controlled quantity of conductive materials known to absorb noise.  This provides a far more consistent, reliable and potent grounding for your audio system than a grounding rod in your back yard (which you should have as well).

Think about it. Sink a grounding post into the earth and the precise make up of your soil, how wet it is and what other elements or pollutants it contains will all impact its effectiveness and nature as an electrical ground. So, as you can see, it’s not quite as simple as hammering a conductive rod into the ground. What Entreq has done is develop the best possible filler for their boxes, a mix that delivers consistent musical results despite its physical isolation from a physical earth ground. This is not a substitute for the main electrical ground on your system’s AC feed. It’s an addition, rather like a bypass cap, that improves the ground quality seen by the system rather than replacing the existing arrangement. It is also an essential first step in providing the best possible operating conditions for your system. Do not disconnect your main AC ground or you could create a dangerous and quite possibly lethal situation!

"...If you’ve got a clean ground, then the Entreq boxes will deliver a worthwhile upgrade on that arrangement. If you haven’t, then they represent the audio equivalent of a lifebelt thrown to a man adrift on the high seas. You may not have realized your system was drowning, but if that is all you’ve ever known..." - The Audio Beat

entreq tellus rear

The Entreq Models

These are the grounding boxes only. You will also need an Eartha copper or silver cable for each component you plan on connecting to the Entreq grounding box.

  • Silver MinimusThe Silver Minimus, like its sibling the Minimus, has only 1 outlet. However it encorporates the same enhancements and mineral mix as the Silver Tellus. Thus offering a signicantly more effective grounding than the standard Minimus. Even a brief exposure to the Silver Minimus will quickly validate its benefit.

  • Silver TellusThe Silver Tellus has four dedictaed outlets and can handle up to eight devices. In addition to the enhanced design of the Silver Tellus, it also includes  30% more Silver in its specialist mineral mix. All of  these advancements have resulted in a significant improvement in the effectiveness of the Silver Tellus to reduce noise in any hifi system to vanishing levels.
  • Olympus MinimusOlympus Minimus is the new top model of the Mini Groundboxes. It weighs nearly 20 pounds and it has one silver input. The Entreq Olympus are primarily designed for grounding preamps and DACs. The most significant difference in performance comparing Silver Minimus is more sonic textures, air and low frequencies.  
  • poseidon.jpgOlympus Tellus - The Olympus Tellus weighs in at a massive 99 pounds (45 Kg). It possesses
    6 inputs for grounding plus a separate input for grounding a wall AC receptacle. The Olympus Tellus has the same sonic signature as the Olympus, with deep and massive low frequency power and impact, while maintaining the delicate tonality microdynamics and air in the high frequencies.

  • PoseidonThe Poseidon can be best described as three totally independent Olympus Minimus in one neat enclosure. With its three pure solid Silver binding posts the Poseidon offers a tremendous level of performance & an almost limitless set of options. One option in particular is the ability to now Ground each channel of your amplifier, via the negative speaker terminals,  while simultaneously & independently being able to Ground your Pre-amp or Dac at the same time. This option alone offers an unrivalled level of performance yet to be attained in any other single Entreq Ground box. This is just one option, please let your imagination and your dealer take you further. 

    The Olympus groundboxes are fundamentally different from both the Tellus & Silver Tellus.  The idea for the Olympus was sparked when we designed the “ supercharging “ qualities of the Atlantis MinimUs & Tellus . There were so many unique and interesting details on this development that when we decided to make Olympus we had to free ourselves to implement all that we had learned with no fixed parameters. It was exciting, almost like starting a fresh. Poseidon can also be a good choice for those who find the Olympus Tellus either physically difficult to accomodate but want the Olympus benefits and where the single outlet on the Olympus MinimUs doesn't offer enough flexibility with connectivity.

eartha silver rcaThe Eartha Cables

Entreq has created an extensive range of dedicated Eartha cables.  The properties of these cables have been painstakingly designed and constructed over many years,to offer a perfect match to their ground box's.They are constructed and maintain, very exacting parameters, while enabling specific & incrimental matching to each and every system they are employed within. With this in mind you will also find a wide range of connectors which allow you to attach & employ our grounding solution's in almost any conceivable scenario. Read more about your choice of Eartha cables.

Installing / Auditioning Entreq Grounding Boxes

Installing and auditioning the Entreq grounding products, like many tweaks will require patience and experimentation. Try to refrain from snap judgements as it takes a little time for changes in their cables and the box itself to settle in. For example, if you are trying the Copper vs. Silver Eartha cables, allow the cables to settle in overnight before making serious evaluations.

Note: Beware of mixing signal and chassis grounds from one component, as it most always muddies the waters. In most cases, working on the signal ground first (vs. chassis ground) is best.

Note: Where possible please ground digital & analogue cables to seperate ground points.

Where to start?

First, there’s no substitute in terms of cost effectiveness or benefit to the installation of a proper clean, dedicated ground. Used in conjunction with a dedicated AC line, this is the absolute baseline for optimized system performance.

We prefer working with signal grounds initially. The best place to start is with a Tellus. One standard Tellus with two copper Eartha cables costs only a little more than a Silver Minimus and Silver cable, and it’s a lot more effective overall. You can add a Minimus for your source component and extra cabling at a later date. However, if you have a serious system or you are serious about performance, then you should really head straight for the Silver Tellus, ideally with matching silver cables, and build from there. It might seem like an expensive option for what is essentially a ground, but its benefits are system wide, fundamental in nature and there’s no other way of achieving them. 

Important Notes & Tips

  • The Tellus grounding boxes not designed to replace the protective ground on your electrical mains!
  • Where possible please ground digital & analogue cables to seperate ground points.
  • he carefull choice of the "Ertha" cables used with the Tellus grounding boxes are critical in obtaining their full potential in your system.

Call us at 303-653-6341 for a consultation and quote on the perfect Entreq grounding solution for your audio system.


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  1. More than a tweak! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Apr 2015

    You will be surprised with the result!

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