ETI Kryo RCA Connector - Set of 4

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ETI Kryo RCA Connector

Silver Plated Copper - Cryogenically Treated - Low Mass

The ETI Research Kryo RCA Connector is made from Tellurium Copper and Silver Plated for not only superior conductivity but long lasting durability. The Housing is made from Brass for superior vibration damping and high EMI/RF noise rejection. As a final touch, Cryogenic treatment in the USA to a specific formula is then applied to each connector.

This combination of high quality materials and specialised cryogenic treatment all add up to a superior RCA Connector designed for use by manufacturers and Consumers to enhance the range of audio cables by allowing the signal to come through with a minimum amount of alteration.

eti kryo rca 


  • Silver Plating over Tellurium Copper to off suburb conductivity
  • Cryogenically treated in America to a specific temperature formula to ensure the sonic benefits of this treatment is fully utilised
  • The Shell is made from Brass for its excellent vibration damping and superior rejection of EMI/RF noise that is so prevalent
  • Twin cable strain relief screws to maintain a secure fit to your audio cable and to take the strain away from the solder connection.