eti-logo-120px.pngETI Research

Audiophile Connectors for Speaker and Interconnect Cables

ETI Research is probably best known for the 2001 introduction of the Bullet Plug. The low mass design took the high end industry by storm for the benefits it provided to audio cables. It soon became an industry standard for high end cable terminations.

ETI Research manufactures RCA and balanced XLR connectors, as well as banana and spade terminations for loudspeaker cables. We at Tweek Geek carry their Kryo line of connectors, which we feel are the absolute best cable terminations for audiophile cables, especially at their price point.

The ETI Research Kryo Line of Connector innovations and reļ¬nements include:

If you are a DIY audio cable enthusiast, we encourage you to try the Kryo line of audio connectors from ETI Research.